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”Meep Meep!

Before we get to this weeks question , we want to acknowledge the one and only reader in the whole universe who even attempted to answer last week’s question and his attempt was absolutely correct…The Question? What legendary 60’s singer / songwriter named his first band after the band in The Little Rascals series? The correct answer is, Gram Parsons and The International Submarine Band.

Well done Steve Winogradsky! That qualifies YOU as this weeks SMS INTERPLANETARY Super Genius! Wear your badge proudly!

But now, it’s time for this weeks quiz…It’s Trivia Tuesday for July 31. Here in So. Calif. we’re deep in the middle of the dog days of Summer. So stay cool, and here’s your question: Give us the titles of three big hits from the 60’s that include the word “Summertime” in the title and, the name of the artist who recorded the song!

SMS heads up: This Question is much harder than it appears, we’re going to be particularly persnickety about release dates!

In summary, Three huge hits that include the word “Summertime” in the title  and the artists  who recorded  them and THAT recording has to have been released during the decade of the 1960’s

this week, it’s to hot for hints!

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    • Hey John,
      Great to see you’re back! Love that “Bonus” track “Summertime News” by The Malibooz. I especially dig that “surfin’ guitar break
      …And your cover art looks like a photo shoot I’d like’d to have attended!…..Well done!
      Meanwhile about the Trivia Quiz….Wwe love that you included “Summrtime Summertime” by The Jamie’s, in our book that is thee iconic “Summertime” song!….Only problem is, it came out in 1958!….Gotta ‘nuther one?
      However you do get extra points for including Billy Stewart

    • Hey Mark, that’s it, you nailed it…
      In fact scroll below and you’ll see I posted Billy’s record earlier this morning…enjoy a listen, for me it sounds even better than it did back in the 60’s
      Thanx Mark,

  1. On a somewhat off the wall, related note, couldn’t help but share this clip from one of my all time favorite Keitel films, “Fingers” Enjoy:

    • Hey Jimmy,
      Whoa, we’re so glad you posted “Summertime Summertime” by The Jamie’s! For us it is the quintessential Summer song! In fact as we were compiling our own list of summertime hits “Summertime Summertime” was first on the list, only problem is it was released in the summer of 1958, which they actually mention in the great clip you posted…
      Thanx Jimmy, love it when you draw a bit outside the lines

      • Yeah, Rick, I knew “Summertime, Summertime” was ’58, which is why I left it out. Keitel mentions it when he BLASTS the guy in the scene. It was just one of those things, the song, the scene are forever seared into my being. COOL underrated James Toback film. Glad you enjoyed…

  2. Good Morning, Rick! I’m going with Blue Cheer “Summertime Blues” (later covered nicely by The Who on “Live At Leeds’) then there’s the GREAT Billy Stewart “Summertime” (and the living is easy) last but not least, Sly and the Family Stone “Hot Fun in the Summertime” (Oh, Yeah!)

    • Hey Jimmy, love your choice of Billy Stewart’s version of “Summertime” I used his Jazz / Scat arrangement as a vocal lesson ever time I heard it alone in my car trying to sing along..Yeah!
      “and then you spread your little wings, your little wings and you take to the Sky ‘d la la lie…
      “your daddy’s rich, oooh sweet baby”
      I could go on, but I’ll spare us all, Thax Jimmy for including that rare classic!
      Oooh, we gotta hear it right now!

      • SO Very Fine! I can remember hearing this for the first time, on the jukebox, while playing pinball at The Barn of Fun on Old Cape Cape. Knocked me OUT! Summer of ’66, Man, those were the days…

    • Jimmy, love the Billy Stewart version and could mentally hear it but not call it up in my Swiss cheese memory. But remembered the Joplin version if the same song just in time.

  3. Summertime by Janis Joplin
    Hot Fun In The Summertime by Sly and the Family Stone
    Summertime Blues by Blue Cheer

    I think In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry was released in 1970

      • Hey Jimmy,
        I contend that Steve Winogradsky has covered his keyboard with axel grease… nobody can move their fingers that fast!
        By the way axel grease is legal here at SMS

  4. fun in the summertime/ sly&the family stone
    summertime blues/ blue cheer, NOT eddie cochran
    in thesummertime/ mungo jerry

    • Hey Mark,
      One of your titles doesn’t qualify, it was not released in the 60’s! Check it out and come back with one more!
      Thanx Mark, always great to see you here and one more song!

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