The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ( How Good Are You ? )

YES ! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Aug. 7th. And, as usual first we want to acknowledge the brilliant readers who correctly answered last week’s Q and A… The question was; name three songs from the 60’s that included the word “Summertime” in the title ? The top three correct answers were; “Summertime” by Billy Stewart, “Summertime Blues” by Blue Cheer and everybody’s fave “Hot Fun In The Summertime” by Sly and the family Stone !

Sooo Big Congrats and Kudo’s Go Out to resident 60’s genius Mark L. Chapman, The peripatetic Steve Winogradsky, The always “Coloring outside the lines JIMMY and The never miss a lick, John Zambetti… WAY TO GO GENTS ! Love all those selections!

Ah, but now it’s time for this week’s teaser, and this week your question is an Anagram!…….Here’s your anagram : “Hold an Encore” So Tell us who or what that spells out and give us the titles of at least three of their great songs ?

And for a little extra credit what is their nationality ?

No hints unless you beg. But, to employ our favorite Anagram…Listen / Silent…



  1. Leonard Cohen is from Canada and some of his hits are:
    A Thousand Kisses Deep
    Take This Waltz
    I’m Your Man

    • Julie, nice one! I worked and worked on this. I am used to Rick’s use of metonymy when he routinely employs the royal “we”, and that should have been a warning. When he used the pronoun “their”, as in “their great songs” I was assuming the answer would be a group. Not cricket old man.

      • Hey Jim,
        Jeeze Louise, Are “We” that transparent? However our deliberate distraction of not being pronoun specific apparently worked….although it may not be grammatically correct? But we’ll leave that up to you to determine….
        However! According to the covenants restrictions, and by laws of SMS, it is most definitely “ CRICKET “ or perhaps “ Cockroach “ might be a more appropriate word ? Again, we’ll leave that to you
        Always great to see you !

    • Hey Jules…FIRST ONE IN…
      Way to go!, However one thing caught our attention. Your choice of song titles! You can always tell when someone is a huge fan, cuz they always go for the most obscure song titles, and indeed you did, specifically omitting one particular song which has enjoyed thousands of interpretations and has been praised as the only true modern global hymn.. and of course two or three more that Judy Collins made famous…But, you “hard core” folks always go deep…..AS IT SHOULD BE !
      Thanx Jules, this week YOU are the SMS International Super Genius !

        • Hey Jim…..Whoa! That track is spectacular! You certainly must take credit for turning me into a huge Madeleine Peyroux fan ! In fact I’m heading out right now to pick up a C.D. Personally I think it’s rare to hear a cover of a Leonard Cohen song that’s better than Leonard Cohen’s original version….But Madeleine more than succeeds !
          As did Jeff Buckley with his version of Leonard’s classic “Hallelujah “
          Thanx Jim, can’t get enough Madeleine Peyroux !

          • Jim, I definitely agree with Rick. I love Madeleine’s voice with a Billie Holliday vibe. Thanks for turning us on to her!

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