Mandatory Credit: Photo by MARC SHARRATT/REX/Shutterstock (16987c) The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Jimi Hendrix at the Marquee Club, London Various - 1967

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Rick Shoemaker




    • Hey Jimmy ! ” The Great Bobby Darin ” indeed. No one could swing a Folk Song ” quite like Bobby. HELL, nobody could swing anything quite like Bobby. So much we could say about one of the top ten greatest talents of our generation, or anyone’s. However, did you know that in the early 60’s he formed a production company with Terry Melcher ( Doris Day’s son ) where he signed, among others, Wayne Newton. Bobby found and gave him the song Danke Schoen”…He also signed and mentored Roger McGuinn, before he formed The Byrds,having him play 12 string guitar on all his records and in his touring band. ” Diversity” was Bobbys middle name. On a personal note, I played drums for 40 years, but I can clearly remember the day back in the late 50’s when ” Beyond the Sea” came on my transistor and I heard that incredible drum fill toward the end of the song… BAM I was forever hooked on the drums Thanx to Bobby. Thank you Jimmy for tipping me to Sheila O’Malley’s blog, she appears to be a talented and creative lady. Now….Lets listen to Bobby swing Beyond the Sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bRAtV-jgoQ

      • One of my favorite songs was Beyond the Sea and you couldn’t beat Bobby Darin’s voice. One of a kind. Loved watching the video link.

        • Oh Julie you are so right. For me, one of Bobby’s strengths were his unique “ad liibs” Bobbys “yup, hup’s ” ho ho’s and yea yeah’s made every new record unique. For example, take a look at this rare clip of Bobby in London live on The BBC.
          Furthermore, no one can ” Gargle” like Bobby Darin. See what I mean here with “Clementine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIF6yruCAmM

      • God, I listen to Bobby’s masterful performance of this tune and am immediately on a cool, sandy beach along the shores of Old Cape Cod. Such a beautiful time in my life. Thanks for posting.

        I was unaware of the Terry Melcher relationship, as well as his mentoring of Roger McGuinn. Bobby Darin was a TRUE ARTIST.

        His Academy Award nominated performance in the 1963 film, “Captain Newman, MD” with Gregory Peck, Tony Curtis and Angie Dickinson is one of my all time favorites.

  1. COOL to share 60’s music memories, Thanks Rick. Just now listening to this little gem from Glen Campbell / Brian Wilson / Wrecking Crew. Enjoy “Guess I’m Dumb”

    • Hey Jimmy, thanx for that rare and great track from Glen and Brian. Did you know that Glen replaced Brian on their 1964-1965 tour playing bass and nailing Brian’s high vocal chops. You can also hear Glen playing guitar on most Beach Boys L.P.s including their iconic ” Pet Sounds “

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