The Birth Of Folk Rock

It was on this day, June 9th, 1964: During an evening session Bob Dylan recorded Mr. Tambourine Man at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City. This was the first session for the album “ Another Side Of Bob Dylan” which saw Dylan recording fourteen original compositions that night. The Byrds later recorded a version of Mr. Tambourine Man that was released as their first single and reached No.1 on both the US & UK Chart. The Byrds’ recording of the song was influential in initiating the musical subgenre of folk-rock, leading many contemporary bands to mimic its fusion of jangly guitars and intellectual lyrics in the wake of the single’s success.

It’s no surprise that Bob Dylan is one of the most covered artists of all time – especially Mr. Tambourine Man. In the clip above, the Helio Sequence’s lead singer mimics Dylan’s timeless vocals with uncanny accuracy. Could you tell it wasn’t Dylan!?

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