A Hard Day’s Night and other malaprops

On this day, April 16th in 1964 The Beatles filmed the ‘chase scenes’ for A Hard Day’s Night with actors dressed as policemen in the Notting Hill Gate area of London. In the evening they recorded the title track for the film, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ at Abbey Road. John and Paul had the title first, and had to write a song to order, completing the track in nine takes.

It also should be noted that the actual title to the film, ” A Hard Day’s Night” was coined by Ringo ! As the story goes….The Beatles were wrapping up a full day of shooting at Twickenham film studios, the band pushed open the large sound stage door, only to find, to their surprise that day had turned to night. As they exited, Ringo looked up at the dark skies and proclaimed “Well lads, it’s been a hard days… Night !”

…..Ringo was well know for his innocent / brilliant “malaprops” On another occasion, during an interview on British T.V. in early 1964, Ringo threw out the phrase “Tomorrow never knows” addressing a question about the band’s future….. Lennon loved the remark and ultimately took it as the title for the final track on the Revolver album!

Yeah, Yeah, YEAH!

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