Are Your Fingers Sticky?

After re-listening to our interview with “The Fabs” from all those years ago, it reminded us of a very brief call we got from Mick one day, alerting us to the slightly delayed but imminent release of The Rolling Stones 9th album, “Sticky Fingers” The first and perhaps last record album to feature an “interactive” cover!  Mick didn’t have a lot to say, his indifference was remarkable AND he sounded like he had just snorted half of Bolivia!

However, we think you’ll enjoy hearing what “Mick the Mouth Breather” had to say, then enjoy “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin”…..Here’s Mick, from his “Bloody Country”


How about you, do you own a copy? And we’re talking about the one with THE REAL ZIPPER on it?


  1. OH Shit!!! I DID own that album with the 3-D interactive cover!! THAT was a classic piece of artwork.

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