You Won’t Believe What Really Happened On Abbey Road!

As a proud Fab Four Freak, you are undoubtedly aware that Friday Sept. 27th marks the 50eth  Anniversary since the release of The Beatles penultimate masterpiece “Abbey Road” But, do you know what really went on in that legendary location?

To celebrate this remarkable occasion, Capitol Records, along with the band and their estates employed the talented  Giles Martin, progeny of the great Sir George Martin the groups long time producer and true “Fifth Beatle” His son Giles has been charged with the daunting / incredible task of re-mixing “Abbey Road”. Some will say this is akin to drawing a mustache on The Mona Lisa! But not in the deft hand of Giles Martin, whose DNA prevents him from doing anything short of improving the great work of his father!

The staff and editors in the SMS  Beatles dept. believe you’ll enjoy, as we do,  this fascinating one on one interview with Giles discussing his work, his fathers work and the magic of Abbey Road! The Studio and The Record!


Lastly, enjoy Giles beautiful re-mix of  Macca’s   Magnum Opus “Oh Darling”

Listen to Giles Martin’s new mix of The Beatles’ ‘Oh! Darling’




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  1. The 50th anniversary of ABBY ROAD really rocked my head into really SEEING the incredibly rapid evolution of the Beatle’s work, their songs, arrangement, content, recordings and themes from my first awareness of the Fab Four in 1963 to 1970!! From PLEASE PLEASE ME to LET IT BE. I have witnessed perhaps the greatest growth and maturity and GENIOUS of such accelerated complex artistic accomplishment and work!! Just 7 YEARS!!! I mean WHO ELSE HAS DONE THAT!!!???

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