Attention loyal SMS Readers!

Yesterday, Tuesday August 15th, we suffered a temporary  Snafu!  “Comments” had been shut down! However it’s a new day, and all is well!  We encourage you to re-visit yesterday’s Trivia quiz and answer this week’s very challenging question!

Big SMS Thank You’s for your patience!


  1. John Sebastian.
    The Lovin’ Spoonful.
    Do you believe in magic?
    Summer in the city?
    Darlin’ be home soon.

    Welcome back Kotter with the song welcome back.
    “You’re a big boy now” directed by Francis Ford Coppola with the song “darlin’ be home soon“

  2. John Sebastian
    Lovin Spoonful
    Do You Believe In Magic, Summer in The City, Day Dream
    Darlin Be Home Soon- Francis Ford Coppola film, You’re A Big Boy Now
    Did You Ever Have to Make up Your Mind – The Wonder Years (TV)

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