Before he was “The Boss,” He was simply “Boss”

55 Years Ago Today!

It was on this day, April 22nd. 1966 When two dozen local group’s appeared at a ‘battle of the bands’ gig in Matawan Keyport Roller Drome in New Jersey. All acts performed three songs each. The Rogues won first place, second was Sonny & The Starfires, and third place went to The Castiles, (with Bruce Springsteen on vocals). The three winners were given an opportunity to perform at the Roller Drome the following week as part of a major concert headlined by The Crystals!

It doesn’t sound like much of a Grand Price, but ya gotta know that Bruce was over the top over sharing the stage with this original and most incredible Girl Group! Have you ever seen Bruce live? Here’s a very brief glimpse…

55 Years On…


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