Betcha didn’t know ?

Occasionally, however rarely we stumble upon a “60’s tid-bit we’ve never heard before! And of course we have to share it with you!


In March of 1964, Phil Spector wrote and produced a song titled “Ringo, I Love You’ for the singer Bonnie Jo Mason, who sang of dreaming about Ringo holding her hand, and running her fingers through his hair.


* A pseudonym disguising the sixteen-year-old Cheryl LaPiere: Spector favored all-American names for his female singers. ‘Ringo, I Love You’ failed to chart. However, LaPiere was shortly to become more famous as Cher!

Of course, we have to hear this “Near Miss”…

And YOU! Have you ever heard this rare “Gem” ?


  1. I guess I NEVER picked this tune up on my 8″x4″ transister radio which I literally had on in my room 24/7..WOW!!!

  2. I did know of it, but not in 60’s. I have some of S&C’s oddball early 45 stuff, but not that one.

    • Hey Libbie!
      Let’s see, Libbie Jo Snyder and Bonnie Jo Mason… Did you ever work with Phil ?

    • Hey Jules!
      Iknow what you’re saying but don’t you just love the play on the lyric “I Wanna be your girl” playing off of Ringo’s first Beatle vocal, “I Wanna Be Your Man”
      IVery clever, I loved that!

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