The Righteous Bros.

We’ve all heard plenty of insane stories about the legendary and notorious record producer Phil Specter! Our favorite, however, occurred during the production of what many believe was Specters signature “Wall Of Sound” recording. “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” by The Righteous Brothers, Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield. From the beginning, the production was subject to debate, Bill and Bobby thought the song was to long, and the tempo to slow. Lastly, the song was written in a key that required Medley to sing it in his “Basso Profundo” voice ( quite simply, his deepest voice) But the pay off came when they were about to record the vocals. Specter sat down with Medley and Hatfield and explained how it was going to be. “Bill, you’ll start the song and sing the first verse solo…Bobby, you’ll stay out until the first chorus”!  Bobby, obviously annoyed and upset with Phil, responds by saying “Well what am I supposed to do while Bill is singing? Phil snaps back immediately, saying simply…”GO TO THE BANK”….

Meanwhile, this legendary recording was the Record of the year in 1965….It was the most successful record of The ’60’s and in 1999 BMI DECLARED IT “The Most Played Song of the Twentieth Century

Bobby and Bill spent a lot of time at the bank!

Take a listen once more to hear  just how well Phil Specters’ plan worked.


  1. I wonder then if Phil gave Bobby Unchained Melody to make it up to him?
    Btw Someday I’ve got to tell you about the time in 1964 Walter and I walked in to Phillies Records in NYC with The Malibooz ‘ demo acetate to see if Phil would produce us.

    • You make a great point John, in fact back in the 60’s my mates and I believed “Unchained Melody” was Hatfields attempt to kick start a solo career. We can’t hear Medley anywhere on the “Unchained Melody” recording!
      Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your story and experience with Phillies records…..SMS is the perfect forum for a great story about trying to see “The Great Oz….
      Thanx John,

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