“From Me To You” by Del Shannon?

Didja know that it was on this day, May 2nd, 1963 he Beatles went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with ‘From Me To You’, the group’s first No.1 and the first of eleven consecutive No.1’s. The title of the song was inspired from a letter’s column called From You To Us that ran in the British music newspaper, The New Musical Express” However “From Me To You failed to make an impact in the United States at the time of its initial release. Meanwhile, and get this! A cover version recorded and released in June of ‘63 by Del Shannon resulted in the song, reaching number 77 on the U.S. charts! Making it the first Lennon–McCartney tune to enter the US pop charts.

Ironically the first “Beatles song to hit the U.S. Charts was NOT a Beatle’s record! However, later in May of ‘64 Vee Jay records coupled the song  with “Please Please Me  as the “B – side.  Initially “From Me To You “ received very little attention until Chicago disc Jockey Dick Biondi  flipped it over and started playing “The B side”  “Please Please Me.”  Within a few weeks, the  Beatles enjoyed their first “Double “A” sided number One in the U.S.A.

”Please Please Me” b/w “From Me To You”.  Sooooooo, If you didn’t catch it back in June 1963, Here’s Del Shannon doing His version

No Question Del Rocks it!   But!  Do you think Del’s version influenced The Beatles?

Sounds like YES to us! But, what do YOU think?


  1. WE LIKE IT!!! Always like Del. I associated Del with the ’63 surf movement which me and some biddies {Jimmy!] really got into. “Surf’s Up” and I’m eaten sand!!! never was good at surfin’!!! But the whole vib was cool for me and the lads…clothes and all. The harmonica in Del’s version is good but I like [John’s??] better. This was such a great moment in time for me and me mates ____ goin’ into SENIOR H.S. in the fall of ’63!
    the wood

    • Hey Wood,
      And, by the way, have you ever met anyone who didn’t love “Runaway”?
      Del Shannon RULES!

  2. For sure. I still like the Beatles version better because I can picture Paul doing that shaky thing with his head

    • Hey Denise,
      We know what you’re saying and the funny thing is, a lot of singers do that “Shakey Thing with their head” and it always annoys me…..Except not when Beatle Paul does it!
      Thanx Denise

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