Getting back to “Get Back” with Peter Jackson!

Up here in the palatial offices and studios of Sixties Music Secrets, we feel a certain obligation to share any “Beatle” news that should come across our desk! Although infrequent, The Beatles occupy the heart and soul of SMS. In the final days of what most of us consider the worst year in many years we received some long awaited GOOD NEWS! You may have heard that director Peter Jackson had taken on the arduous task of editing and refining nearly 60 hours of never before seen film footage from The Beatles final feature film “Let it be” Many critics claimed “Let it be”revealed the Beatles as four men who had lost their Joi de Vivre and were four tired and bitter band members. But, as you will see, under director Jackson’s deft tutelage he has completely reimagined The Beatles final Soirée  and turned it into a joyful celebration between four friends and the greatest music in history! Jackson’s new film, titled “The Beatles Get Back” was scheduled for release earlier last year but due to the Covid Virus is now set to be released by Disney in August  2021. However, last week Jackson, in appreciation to loyal and patient Beatle fans put together a brief “Sneak Peek  of his new film!  No need for any further discussion when we have Peter Jackson right here to share his “Sneak Peek” at “”The Beatles Get Back”


  1. FAB-ULOUS!! I remember seeing the film immediately upon it’s release with my BEST BUDS!! I recently pick up the VINYL (CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN). When I pulled it out of a stack of various tattered stacks of LP’s and I was transported BACK TO THAT THEATER. THE FILM & MUSIC are just as new & encompassing now as it all was then.
    AND…that WAS a time if rampsnt stories, rumors & side picking … I tried to pay very little attention to these distractions. The guys, the creativity, the filming, the music & the experience was/is the irreplaceable & ever fresh gift which washed over all of us! Can I get an AMEN!
    Thanx “Shoe” for another wonderful trip into greatness!
    peace & love always…wood

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