“He ain’t heavy”

It was on this day, June 25th in 1969 that The Holles entered Abbey Road studios to begin recording what was to be their next single “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother” The band was so excited about this new song that they decided to approach it a bit differently, they brought in a full orchestra and hired “a professional piano player.” The piano players name was Reginald Dwight and in little over a year he’d become the most famous piano player  in music!


Incidently, Reggie received  12 pounds ( a little over $20 ) for his days work…

( YOU, of course know this but,… Reggie’s PKA is Elton John )


Lets listen to Reggie and The Hollies


    • Yep, Mr. Wood as usual you are 100% correct! Indeed that was “Macca” doing HIS usual amazing job on lead vocal for “A Taste Of Honey” circa 1964…

  1. I have a copy of the sheet music for this song and I have to tell you some of the chords are quite unusual!! extensions and diminished chords…..really DOES give the song [as Julie writes] a “haunting and mystical feel, the wood

    • Hey Wood, Great to see you and we appreciate your comment on the complexity of the song!
      “He Ain’t Heavy” was written by two songwriters who were no strangers to success in 1969. The writers are Bobby Scott and Bobby Russell…Scott had written “A Taste Of Honey” and Russell wrote “Little Green Apples” Two songs, we believe, are among the more sophisticated tunes to grace the top ten in the ’60’s
      Thank you Mr. Wood for both your comments about this Hollies classic…

        • Yes, “A Taste of Honey” was such a great song, covered by dozens of artists including, as you may recall, The Beatles!
          Thanx Woody…..

  2. I remember that when we did “The Walk” I was imagining using this song as a sort of theme song for the adventure!#! Peace and Love —–the wood

  3. Still to this day that song plays in my head every so often and I think many of us find ourselves singing “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” in so many instances. It is a haunting song that has endured so many years and invokes so many different emotions. Thanks for sharing the memory

    • Jules!
      Having three brothers and knowing you, we’re sure “He Ain’t Heavy” was and is a big part of your personal repertoire…
      Yes, haunting, and rich with emotion!
      Thanx Jules

      • there is also a picture in my mind from a very young age that this song brings up—-it the old Mickey Rooney and _Barry Fitzgerald film “Boy’s Town”!!! the wood

        • Wow! Wood, We are impressed!
          The real truth is the origin of the title “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother” goes back to the 1940’s The legendary Father Flannigan who founded Boy’s Town ( an orphanage for homeless boy’s) coined the slogan for the orphanage it was “Boy’s Town, He ain’t heavy father, he’s my brother”….
          Good catch Woody!

          • Who would have known? ??? But it just affirms that the message came through!! the wood

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