“Here, There, and Everywhere”

A True Sixties Music Story: In the Summer Of 1967, my best friend Gary and I would spend nearly every Summer afternoon hanging out at my house and listening to “Sgt Pepper.” One late afternoon, my mother had, had it! She burst into my room , Rolling her eyes and sez “Are you boys listening to that same stuff   AGAIN” ?  I wanted her out, ASAP ( there were plenty of things in my room that we really didn’t want to share with my mom! ) but all I could say was, “ But, MOM, It’s Sgt Pepper” mom rolls her eyes again, sez “I don’t care who the singer is, TURN IT DOWN, I just can’t stand it anymore”!  I smile, give her an understanding nod to the affirmative, and she turns and is just about back out the bedroom door, when, my best friend Gary, Opens his big mouth!

OH MY GOD GARY? What are you doing? But Gary continues,  quite seriously trying to justify one more listen! “Actually Mrs. Shoemaker, we’re listening to The Beatles and we’re getting quite the Geography Lesson!” My mind is racing! Gary, what record are YOU listening to? “A Geography lesson?”  “ What are you talking about?”

My mom pauses (shit!) a curious look appears on her face as she moves back inside my room ( OH SHIT! ) Mom sez, “Why Gary, what are you talking about”? A fair question even for MY MOM! And Gary continues “Well Mrs. Shoe, we’re learning about places like, Blackburn, Lancashire, Bishops Gate,  Kirkcaldy, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields,  London and Liverpool !  All of them are fascinating  places in the U.K”!

My mom rolls her eyes once more, a little incredulous at the level of BULL SHIT Gary is trying to serve her, but she made her point, looks at me, shakes her head, and, thankfully she’s outta there! But, Gary and I are finished with Sgt. Pepper!

And so dear reader, what’s our point? A fair guestion, allow us to explain. Over the weekend we came across an incredible montage which reminded us of that summer afternoon in ‘67 and more specifically how often The Beatles included a hidden Magical Mystery Place In so many of their songs, and all we had to do was listen and imagine!

Enjoy this great video, we  think this clip will bring you back too!

( and of course we’d love to hear your thoughts and experience )




  1. Mr. Shoe ,Just wanted to say what a very informative and interesting video you put together.REALLY,REALLY !! Some things I did not know ,others I did. Thanks for the great story of Gary also. I can relate to Rob,him being the younger bro. Just like me with my brother Ron , where I was always not let in. LOL !! The other thing that is funny is your Mom knowing when Gary was BS’s. I know this because she knew when me and your brother were BS’s about things ( girls , etc. ) She was such a kick ! Loved her tennis size meat balls. They were the BEST !!!!. She would cook them all day. WOW. She was such a good lady. Mr. IS

    • Hey Mr. Is,
      Great to hear you enjoyed that video as much as we do! And thanx for your kind words about my mom! On that paticular occasion I was a bit anxious any time she poked around my room, but as I looked back on it, it’s quite funny! YOU GET THE DRILL! Yes, I do miss her AND Her amazing Meatballs!
      Thank You Sir

    • Hey Brother,
      Yep! That is the very, “Gary” I’m talking about, and, by the way I think you were around as well! But, as you were “My little Brother” I don’t think Gary and I would have let you in either!
      Big love,
      From your Big Brother!…

    • Hey Kath,
      So glad you liked the video, IT KNOCKED ME OUT! What I really like about it is you have to watch it about 10 times to really appreciate all the info and details!
      Let’s go watch it again!

  2. I can see that look on your Mom’s face when someone was BS’ing her. You could never get anything past her. Loved that woman!

    • Hey Jules,
      Thanx for those loving words about my mom, and your right, she certainly saw thru Gary’s B.S. that Summer day! And, the great truth is, eventually my mom became a Beatles Fan!
      Thanx Jules, we always love it when you drop by!

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