Bill Haley and his Comets and Mick and Keith!

   It was on this day, Oct 26, in 1958, 60 YEARS AGO TODAY! Bill Haley and his Comets played the very first ever rock ‘n’ roll concert in Germany. Over 7,000 rock ‘n’ roll fans turned the show into a history making riot. The Spirit and Excitement  of rock ‘n roll swept across Germany and proceeded to devour all of Europe and The United Kingdom,  where Mick Jagger and Keith Richards began picking up guitars and experimenting! Four years later, TO THE DAY in 1962, The Rolling Stones ( known then as The Rollin’ Stones ) and consisting of Mick, Keith, Brian Jones, pianist Ian Stewart and drummer Tony Chapman, recorded their first demo tape at Curly Clayton studios in Highbury, London. They recorded three songs, Jimmy Reeds “Close Together” Bo Diddley’s “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” and Muddy Waters “Soon Forgotten”! We tried to find some music from those sessions but, to no avail, however we did find a rare pix of the very early “Rolin’ Stones”

That’s Ian in the front, far left. Ian ( a founding member of the band) was fired by the groups new manager,  Andrew Loog Oldham, in 1963 his reason? He thought Ian looked too old and square! From our perspective, we agree with Mr. Loog Oldham! But, that wasn’t the end of Ian and the Stones, he graduated to be their road manager, a perfect gig for a guy who looks old and square! However, Ian was a great keyboard player and would go on to become a popular “in demand session player! Including sitting in with The Stones on  their Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet  albums!

Drummer Tony Chapman left the Stones immediately after recording the demo’s Tony claimed that the Stones were “Too Wild” whatever that means? He went on to join a band called The Preachers where he teamed up with a very young 14-year-old Peter Frampton! And get this The Preachers were managed and produced by Bill Wyman!

So, we figger  NOW would be a great time to hear a track from The Preachers. featuring Ex Stone Ian and a barely legal Peter

Lastly, that’s notorious radio D.J. Alan Freed introducing Bill Haley at the top! Freed ended up poor and out of work after being indicted in the “Payola” scandals of the 50’s and 60’s

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    • Hey Fred, in an effort to celebrate Saturday Morning and just for fun, what is the name of the act that had a hit with “Come Saturday Morning” and what 1969 film was it featured in?
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        • Hey Fred,
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