Hunh? Ummagumma!

It was on this day, April 27, 1969 that Pink Floyd appeared at Mothers Club in Erdington, Birmingham, England. Radio 1 D J John Peel reviewed the gig as ‘…sounding like dying galaxies lost in sheer corridors of time and space’. Recordings from this show were included in the group’s 1969 album ” Ummagumma” An appropriate title and response to Peel’s ethereal “Spacey” description of the bands performance!

Here’s that spacey sound now:

P.S. For those of you who actually know what “Ummagumma” means, please refrain from mentioning it here! We wouldn’t want the language police to give us any trouble here at SMS!?



    • Hey Fred!…”All in all ? Can you elaborate? Please fill us in on what you’re thinking?
      Always great to see you here!

        • Hey Fred,
          Of course, and all apologies! The truth is sometimes the executives and staff at SMS can be a little dense! Or as Jethro Tull once said “Thick As A Brick”
          Thanx Fred…

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