Just another day with The Who…

On this day, in 1965 on the final night of their first European tour,  Roger Daltrey knocked Keith Moon out cold! resulting in the singer being sacked from The Who. Already notorious for their infighting, even in those early days, the band were playing two shows in one night in Denmark, when an argument broke out between all four band members, and although Daltrey threw the first punch, he was reinstated the following day!


  1. Am i tripping? I thought, “World without love” was wrtten by Lennon,Mcartney. With Peter and Gorden with the hit…

    • Hey Curtis,
      No, you’re not tripping at all! You are correct! I believe Clark is simply noting the fact that in those early days of the Brit invasion Bobby Rydell covered “World without Love” which I never heard so I’m off to find it and check it out!
      Thanx to Clark for this curious little bit of 60’s trivia!
      And thanx to you, my buddy Curtis!

  2. Rick, This fighting between members of Supergroups just HAS to stop! I just was sorting 45s and came across this Bobby Rydell 45 that was written by Ray Davies! I put it on and loved it.


    Interestingly, I saw it was written by none other than Ray Davies of the Kinks!
    Of course, Bobby did a cover of “A World without Love” on 45 in 64 and this Brit Invasion cover was October, 1965. I decided to look into this by reading about it in my friend Doug Hinman’s Kinks day by day book. Turns out that Bobby’s version of this song came out months before the Kinks’ version! He decided to record this song after hearing a demo of Ray’s that was recorded on May 24, 1965 at a busy Kinks period. The day before, Ray’s wife had a baby girl and the day Ray wrote “I Go To Sleep” which would be one of 7 demos recorded the next day along with the Rydell song. Most of those 7 demos would be recorded by others, so likely they were recorded for that reason. Due to an onstage band fight on the 19th, band members Dave Davies and drummer Mick Avory are not present for those demos, but uses future Hendrix drummer (and then current member of the Riot Squad) Mitch Mitchell on drums instead. The crazy world of the Kinks is great to read day by day in this book. Fights certainly DID happen back then.

  3. Saw a satirical article claiming that the 2 surviving members of The Who and The Beatles were forming a super group. Pete on guitar, Paul on bass, Ringo on drums and Roger on vocals. Songs to include Baba O’Rigby and Won’t Get Fooled On The Hill.

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