Stevie Wonder – 12 Year Old Genius

es, it was on this day August 25, 1963! that Stevie Wonder captured  the music world and dominated it ever since! 54 years ago today his single “Fingertips part two” achieved the number one position on The Billboard Hot 100 chart. Additionally his debut album “Stevie Wonder / The 12 Year Old Genius Live” also took the number one position….This was the first time any artist had achieved such a fete in the history of Billboard magazine! Furthermore it was the first “Live” album to reach number One!…Stevie has gone on to sell over 100 million records…

Take a minute and be blown away by the live film of Stevie’s performance and recording of “Fingertips part two” live at The Apollo Theater in New York…..Take notice of the banner over the stage. In 1963 the show was billed as “A Motortown Revue” NOT A “Motown” Revue! Very early days for Barry Gordy’s fledgeling record label. Meanwhile, for the record his real name is Steveland Hardaway Judkins and yes, he’s been blind since birth, which we all now know has only enhanced his talent and inspiration! Check out this first  stunning milestone  in a career that’s lasted nearly 60 years!


  1. On the subject of Stevie I remember an “8-Track” I had of the “Young Rascals” (1st album???) and they covered a song called A Place In The Sun”: was this a Stevie song??? I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!
    the wood

    • Yes, Mr. Wood. The Young Rascals did record “There’s a Place in the Sun” and released it on their “Groovin” album which I believe you’re correct was their first L.P.
      Furthermore it is the same song that Stevie did but Stevie didn’t write it. The song was written by a staff songwriter at Motown. His name was Ron Miller and wrote several hits for Motown including “For Once In My Life” and “Yester me, Yester you, Yesterday, for Stevie as well!

      Thanx for another great memory Mr. Wood!…

      P.S……An Eight Track?……Yeah, you get extra credit for being the first reader to reference 8 tracks here on SMS!
      Jeeze they were such a pain….8 tracks, Oh the humanity!

      • Not meaning to be too persnickety, but “Groovin'” is actually the Young Rascals’ third album, after “Young Rascals” and “Collections.” All three albums are magnificent.

        Just found your site. Looking forward to checking out all your other posts.

        • Hey mackdaddyg,
          First!, great to have you join in the conversation here at SMS….
          Meanwhile, “persnickety” are you kidding? We encourage and embrace “persnickety! You’re sooo right about The Rascal’s L.P’s, thanx for setting us straight
          …..Looking forward to your further thoughts and commentary

  2. Hey: saw “LITTLE” Stevie Wonder 1st time ever on Lloyd Thaxton’s TV Show!!! BLOWN AWAY. the wood

    • Hey Wood…Yeah!, Thanx for that memory, I believe I saw that show as well…
      Meanwhile, Lloyd Thaxton, what an unlikely guy to host a music / dance show for teens!….
      He looked like my Uncle Orville and I could never figure out what his talent was?
      Remember how HE would lip sync to the current hits which he had nothing to do with? I always thought he was kind of a weird dude…..However, he did deliver the current artists of the moment on his daily show. Including Little Stevie Wonder…

    • Hey John!…..Leave it to you to catch that…..As remarkably similar this sounds to the actual single of “Fingertips Pt 2 it is a different recording. The actual single we love is an edit of two shows from The Regal theater in Detroit……As great as this is it is missing the call out “What Key, What Key” ? By one of the players in the band taking the stage as Stevie was wrapping it up….
      Good catch John…..and Jeeze, he was only 12……As the saying goes “I have socks older than that”

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