“Mash good!”

It was 55 years ago today, Oct. 20, 1962 that Bobby “Boris” Pickett would begin his three-week run at number one on the Billboard charts with his now legendary mega-hit “Monster Mash”.

Some called it a “novelty record but it was a clever well produced dance/pop gem which included Leon Russell on Piano and The Blossoms featuring Darlene Love, doing their greatest back ground vocals.

But, here’s the story…

Bobby Pickett was an aspiring actor and the front man for his band “The Cordials. Bobby was well-known for his antics and vocal impressions, while performing with The Cordials. One night one of his band members encouraged him to perform “Little Darling” by The Diamonds while doing his impression of Boris Karloff. The audience loved it so much Bobby did an entire set of classic rock songs as sung by Boris Karloff!

The next step was obvious. Mega producer Gary Paxton signed him to his Gar Pax label and produced this legendary gem. Thru the years “Monster Mash has become a musical perennial and of course, unless you live in a cave you hear it on the radio constantly, this time of year.

There was a failed attempt at a film and yes “The Monster Mash did in fact become a popular “Dance Craze” as did “The Transylvania Twist” which Bobby name checks in his “Bela Lugosi” voice in the last verse of The Monster Mash.

Bobby’s original recording ( which he wrote ) has been released and re – released around the world countless times since 1962, it’s been featured in dozens of films T.V. Shows and commercials AND it’s the only 60’s hit that comes back to life every October…..Kinda like, “Night of The Living Hit” AND YOU LOVED IT!

Let’s listen to this 60’s Classic…..Afterall, ‘Tis the season…







  1. our favorite time of year!!! I also have had another song taking up musical space between my ears every time this year it the “ONE EYED ONE EARED FLYING PURPLE PEOPLE EATER”!!! BUT EVEN AS A KID I RECOGNIZED THE BORIS KARLOFF IMITATION! EVERY MOVE HE MADE SCARED ME!!!! BUT I CAME BACK FOR MORE….ALWAYS!!!
    the wood

    • Okay, so what I always wanted to know is . . .
      Was he purple and ate people, or did he just eat purple people?
      (Actually I think the answer to that question is in the song.)

      • And the follow on question is . . .
        Was it a yellow bikini with polka dots or some other color bikini with yellow polka dots?

        These were the pressing questions of the ’60s.

        • Well sir, if you ask me, and I know you’re not ( but it is my blog )
          It’s always been a WHITE Bikini with YELLOW POLKA DOTS!

          Hope my input helps you sleep better tonight!

          • “One, two, three, four . . . tell the people what she wore”
            I’m sorry Rick, but in my minds eye (and I recall this quite vividly) it was a solid yellow bikini with white polka dots. At least we agree (and for no apparent reason} the secondary color was white.

      • Hey Mr. G…..Frankly, I’m constantly amazed at how closely our minds track. I recall early on considering both your thoughts you’ve shared here!
        So, as far as “Purple people” is concerned, you’re right. According to the song when the “Purple People eater ” is asked “What’s your line” he responds with “Eatin’ Purple People and it sure is fine”
        I picked up on that word play as a young lad and was a big part of why I loved that record.

    • Hey Wood, we agree. This IS the best time of year. Made more fun when the airways are filled with songs like “Purple People Eater” and Monster Mash

      Didja know that Sheb Wooly ( the singer of Purple People ) was a very successful actor in the fFifties and Sixties. He appeared on countless sit coms and nearly every Saturday morning kids shows like “Sky King” “Fury” “Annie Oakly” etc.
      Thanx Woody…

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