Our Favorite Things

There is no question that “our favorite thing” about the 1960’s was the music!
But there is so much more to the decade, beyond the music!

The 60’s was thee decade of change, experimentation, revolution and generational transition, not to mention, the first decade to have it’s own soundtrack! Aiding in the cultural sea change were thousands of lifestyle accouterments, that we devoured and still hold in the highest regard! In this space, we are going to remember some of the very best of those favorites.

This is your place to rediscover the whimsy, innovation and re-invention that accompanied “The Greatest Decade Of Music and More”. We have our fair share, we know you have yours, and we want to hear about them! AND, we ain’t talkin ‘bout “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens”

Today we’re talkin ‘bout…CARS!

As “The Baby Boomers all came of driving age in the early 1960’s, America quickly moved on from ‘one car families’ to ‘two and three car families’ and so began the U.S.A.’s ”Car Culture”. Across the land, the debate began: Who ruled?  Was it Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler? We can clearly recall fist fights erupting between class in high school, frequently about cars!

For SMS, there is only one car, when we talk about the great classics from The 60’s. That car is the 1965 Ford Mustang!

Didja know the original Mustang was a new body design simply fastened to the “compact” chassis and underpinnings of a Ford Falcon or Fairlane. Keeping the price and weight-of the new “Pony” to a minimum. The cost of a new Mustang was just over $2300. Furthermore, it was the first vehicle to be issued with the first year model to be registered for sale with the unusual designation of “The 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang”. Ford was so confident and the early demand for this new beauty prompted Ford to put it on sale in April of ‘64 a good 5 months prior to their annual new model release month of Sept.  Resulting in the 1964 1/2 thru 1965 Mustang being the most successful new model launch since the release of the Ford Model “A” in 1927! How ‘bout that?

The rest of the world began to catch on, so Ford  responded with the first “Right Hand Drive” Mustang for the growing Australian market. We hope you find these stats interesting, but if you loved cars and just got your drivers license in 1965 you had to drive a Mustang. First for the sound, there was something about how the whole car resonated with it’s muscular V8 and Four Barrel Carburetor. It just had a sound of it’s own outside of the cab. The sound inside the cab was great as well with Ford providing all their new ‘Stangs with ( state of the art ) in dash A.M. radios! In 1966 Ford would make a deal with Motorola to offer optional 8trk tape players in their newest Pony. The combined sound of a Ford Mustang was Muscle, Music, and Cool!

Over in England, mainly due to their appearances in early James Bond movies Ringo and George were driving Mini Coopers, John had his custom painted Rolls Royce and Hearse ( painted by art monsters “The Fool ).  But in America and around the world we were “revving up our Mustangs and it felt real good”. There is no question that the 1965 Ford Mustang is “One Of our favorite things” in 1965 and TODAY!

Didja ever get behind the wheel of one of these legendary machines? Did you ever catch your breath?

You certainly must have some favorite things from the 60’s, whether it’s Patchouli oil or Polka Dot Shirts we want to hear about it, so come on, it’s time to “fess up”

-SMS Your place for stuff you didn’t know, you didn’t know…


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