“Quite Rightly”

You, of course recall Donovan’s retro ( trumpets, trombones and a tuba ) trippy and beautiful ballad from 1966, “Mellow Yellow” …..And you likely remember a couple of the rumors that circulated around the records success. Early on it was rumored that Mellow Yellow referred to banana’s! Yep, in 1966 it was believed that if you scraped off the inside of a banana skin, rolled it into a joint, and smoked it, you’d experience a hallucinogenic but “Mellow” high! Although the lyric does include the line “electrical Banana” it has nothing to do with smoking them! In fact in a 2003 interview Donovan revealed that the line “Electrical Banana” refers to a woman’s Yellow Vibrator…..Electrical Banana INDEED!

It was further rumored that the voice that say’s “Quite rightly” was Paul McCartney. Not true either, that’s Donovan, however Paul is on the recording cheering “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” in the background!…..And, he played bass on the recording as well
Let’s listen to this 60’s classic from Donovan, with a little help from his friend Paul..But leave the bananas alone!


  1. A yellow vibrator?? Well that seems just like Donovan, quirky with an innocent quality.
    His induction into the R & R Hall of Fame in 2012 it was stated, “Donovan singlehandedly initiated the Pysychedelic Revolution with Sunshine Superman”. Plus I read Donovan became the tutor of The Beatles on the famous trip to India, where he taught John, Paul and George the finger style guitar and many of his unique chord patterns plus he is chiefly responsible for introducing meditation and Eastern Philosophy into Modern Lifestyle and songwriting.
    And then there is also the introduction of “Flower Power”.
    Quite a talent and is still continuing on today.

    • Hey Jules,
      Great post! I’d never heard that quote from The R&R hall of fame, very cool and thanx for reminding us about his influence on the Beatles with his “Finger Picking”
      Meanwhile, we loved “Mellow Yellow” but our faves with the fondest memories are “Season Of The Witch” and “Sunny Goode Street”
      How ’bout you?

      • My favorite of all his songs was “Sunny Goodge Street”, love it still today. It has a haunting quality unlike most of his songs. And, of course, how could one not like “Season of the Witch”.

  2. “shoe” you are again sooooo right on time for Paulette and I here!! a few months back we picked up a box set of Donovan [Paulette is a HUGE FAN!!!] WELL GOOD g\GURU YOU HAVE ANSWERED AND AFFIRMED FOR US SEVERAL ITEMS HERE!! I have forever was under the impression that IT WAS Paul in the background singing “Quite Rightly”….where did I first get THAT INFO??? but it goes back decades!! We are on the same page as you with the ‘REAL BANANA” IMAGERY!! And of course I remember ALL the different “stuff” we thought we could smoke and get us high???!!! those were the days!! thanx again “shoe”
    the woods’

    • Hey Wood,
      Great to have you weigh in on the Mellow Yellow Man!
      Further to your final comment. As I recall, immediately following the intoxicating banana rumors, the next herb of choice was “Oregeno”…….And of course it delivered the same affect as banana peels!
      Ahh, the good old days?…..”Quite Rightly”

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