RIP Emitt Rhodes / The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 7/21

Yes indeed! It’s Trivia Tuesday for July 21st. Brought to us each week by the kind folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your only place for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But, before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to recognize all the very cool readers who answered last week’s Trivia Question, which was: We asked what The Byrd’s, The Buffalo Springfield and The Hollies had in common? The answer is, of course, each band contributed one of it’s members to form “Crosby Stills and Nash” Many of you jumped on the question, but Tom Slocum was first in, but unfortunately Tom didn’t correctly answer the entire question! But this week’s new question is just below, so good luck, this week Tom! Next up with all the correct details was Owen!,  Followed closely by Fred Vogel with a very funny Answer that wasn’t exactly what we re looking for, but still correct. Well done Fred! Curtis Stone showed up with al the right answers and his usual keen insight! And last in, just under the wire, our old friend Mr. Ron Wood nailing the question and sharing some personal experiences! Thank you Woody! Congrats to all you brilliant dudes and Thank You!

Buy now! It’s time for this week’s new Trivia Quiz! And this week, your question Is an Anagram! And here it is  “Seen alive? sorry pal”…Tell us who or what it unscrambles to become, plus his father’s name is? Also his mothers name, his daughter’s name and his wife’s name? And for SMS “Super Genius status, what was the name of his private plane?

In Summary, here’s what we need…

1) Who does “Seen alive? Sorry pal” unscramble to become?

2) What is his father’s name?

3) What is his mother’s name?

4) What is his daughter’s name?

5) What was his wife’s name?

6) What was the name of his private plane?

There you have it, and as you consider the simple six questions, click on the link to Omnivore’s HomePage just below and browse the greatest music catalog in the known world!

Lastly, with great sadness we say goodbye to an under appreciated inspiration,pioneer and arguably the greatest singer/songwriter from the 1960’s and beyond Emitt Rhodes…1950 – 2020




  1. I WILL say that Emitt Rhodes is a better writer than Elvis Presley! Emitt IS indeed a great writer and one of my alltime faves, but does not quite live up to being the GREATEST. For about 5 years, he was about as great as they come in the late 60’s/early 70’s for sure. I wish he had died having some 20 albums under his belt and not basically 5. Rick, you are in shock as am I, but he was likely not. Rest in peace, Emitt.

    • Hey Clark,
      I’m sure every Emitt Rhodes fan would agree with you! Yes, the world would be a better place if Emitt’s legacy included 20 albums, but his minimal output doesn’t make him any less of a singer / songwriter, only more valuable! Furthermore re: your comment about Emitt’s standing in music from the 60’s. We deliberately wrote “Emitt is ARGUABLY thee greatest singer/songwriter from the decade” We knew we were making a grand statement and expected and looked forward to a healthy debate! Our only defense is we said it, because it’s true! Let the arguments begin!
      Rick / SMS

  2. 1) Who does “Seen alive? Sorry pal” unscramble to become?
    2) What is his father’s name?
    3) What is his mother’s name?
    4) What is his daughter’s name?
    5) What was his wife’s name?
    6) What was the name of his private plane?

    • Hey Parthenon,
      Great to see you and of course you nailed the question! Well done! However I’m surprised you had nothing to say on the passing of Emitt Rhodes?
      Sad day for me!

  3. Elvis Aaron Presley
    Vernon Presley
    Gladys Presley
    Lisa Marie Presley
    Prescilla Presley
    Jet I think was named Lisa Marie?

    • Hey Jules,
      Wow! First in before the ink was dry on the page, and of course you nailed the question How the heck did you do that so quickly?
      Very impressive, but you always are!

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