The SMS Triivia Question for the Week 5 / 2…

All apologies, but we were unable to meet this morning’s deadline, and, regretfully that means we have no trivia question for you this morning! However it gives us a chance to recognize the brilliant readers who showed up for last weeks question, which was: all about  The Great “Papa John”, John Phillips, founder and creative force behind The Mama’s and The Papa’s” First in as usual was Steve “Wake up early” Winogradsky! Followed by Larry in Munich! Who was in early but missed nailing the question by about an inch! Sorry Lar, maybe next week? Bill Goshay of course showed up and nailed it ( as we knew he would) Same goes for Mr. Curtis Stone!

That’s it for this week, but you can count on us being here next Tuesday with our usual fare of Trivia and great conversation! But keep one eye on us till then because the always curious and provocative Dr. Art Robert will be dropping by as our “Special guest blogger later this week! Remember as the song sez “Well well well  he’ll make you”

It’s true we’re a bit light on fun and games this week, it does gives us time yo urge you to take a minute and browse thru Omnivore Recordings unique catalog that really does include so much great music “You didn’t know, you didn’t know” Check it out and of course treat yourself to a “Heapin’ Helpin” of the best stuff you never knew, you never knew! Just click the  link below!


Remember, you can play the weekly Trivia Quiz a s often as you like but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!


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