The SMS Trivia Question for 12 / 20…

YES! It’s true, we’re back with the all new SMS Trivia Question for Tuesday Dec. 20th! Brought to us by all the very Groovey people at Omnivore Recordings! Your only real option for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! Meanwhile, it’s usually about here where we take a moment to recognize the brilliant readers who answered the previous week’s Trivia question! However, we didn’t have a trivia question last week, hence, we have no readers to acknowledge! So without any further delay:

Here’s the brand new SMS Trivia Question for Tuesday Dec. 20th…

Take a good look at this brief snippet of a lyric from 1968:

I pushed my soul n a deep dark hole”

And then I followed it in”

“I watched myself crawling out”

As I was a-crawling in”

There’s your lyric, and we need to know the title to the classic Top Ten hit that  features this “Psychedelic word play from 1968 ?

Naturally, we also need to know the name of the artist that scored with this “Trippy Tune ? Furthermore, this group would go on to score a few mid-chart successes but the groups lead singer would go on to enjoy a huge solo career with multiple number ones along with T.V. And a feature film! In addition to dominating all media, this native Texan from Houston is also responsible for assembling, grooming and producing the earliest recordings of a local Dallas band who will go on to become one of the most popular and successful American bands’ in history!

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the title to the unique 60’s classic that features the lyric just above ?

2) Give us the name of the group who recorded this gem ?

3) Give us the titles to at least three more charted hits from this talented group ?

4) Give us the name of the bands lead singer, as well as at least five hits he enjoyed as a solo artist ?

5) Additionally, Among this singers many achievements, he also assembled and produced the very early recordings of a local band out of Dallas who would go on to become one of the most popular, successful and influential bands in America and the world! What is the name of the band and for SMS “Super Genius” status, what name did they go by at the time ?

Meanwhile, as your making your list and checking it twice, click on the link just below and browse Omnivore’s awesome catalog of the coolest music in the known world and beyond!




Remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!…



  1. 1. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)
    2. The First Edition (later Kenny Rogers and The First Edition)
    3. Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town
    Somethings Burning
    Heed The Call
    4. Kenny Rogers
    The Gambler
    Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer (with Kim Carnes)
    We’ve Got Tonight (with Sheena Easton)
    Lady (written by Lionel Richie
    5. This one is tricky. Kenny produced Shiloh, with Don Henley on lead vocals. Henley went on to be in The Eagles, but he was the only member of Shiloh to be in The Eagles and Kenny had nothing to do with The Eagles. No offense, Rick, but I think your question is a bit off.(g)

    • Hey Steve, admittedly I had a difficult time putting this question together! My primary intention was to reveal Kenny Rogers connection with The Eagles! Your comments clean things up a bit and are, as usual, very helpful but the truth is Kenny did bring Henry to L.A. to meet and work with Glen Frye and Randy Miesner as well!
      As always Steve your input is always a welcome addition!

      • Rick, according to legend, Henley met Glenn Frey at The Troubadour. Glenn was in Longbranch Pennywhistle with JD Souther at the time. Both Glenn and Don became part of Linda Ronstadt’s backup band, who then became The Eagles. I don’t think Kenny had anything to do with this except for bringing Henley out to LA with Shiloh.

  2. I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In
    The First Edition
    Ruby, Something’s Burning
    Kenny Rogers
    Lady, The Gambler
    (That’s all I got)

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