The SMS Trivia Question for 5 / 10

Yes! Indeed it’s time for the all new Trivia Quiz for Tuesday May 10th! Brought to us each week by all the Groovey people at Omnivore Recordings! Your singular stop for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But! Before we reveal this week’s question, we’d like to recognize all the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question! Which was: All about “Buffalo Springfield.” their heritage and music! First in with all the right answer’s was a “Charter Member” SMS Super Genius Mr. Steve Winogradsky!Up next was a more recent Super Genius, Mr. John Noreen! Mr. Fred Vogel  also weighed in! It’s great to see “Old Timers like you and Steve once again! And lastly but never leastly Mr. Clark Besch wrapped things up! Big thanks to you gents one and all!

But now! It’s time for the Brand new SMS Trivia Question for 5 / 10. This week’s Trivia Quiz is a lyrical question and more:  Check out this lyric from a 60’s classic: “Blood is rushing, temperature is rising, sweating from my brow” Yeah, it ain’t  much, but it should be plenty for most of you “Super Geniuses! So! Give us the correct title of the song that includes this lyric, also, we’ll need the name of the artist who wrote and recorded this 60’s gem ? Additionally, we need you to give us the titles to at least 3 more hits from this unique and talented “British Invasion” Band ? Lastly one of the founding members of this band resigned, to go on and form one of thee greatest “Super Groups” of the 60’s and beyond! We’ll need his name, the name of the band he co – founded and the titles to at least 3 songs from this original “Super Group”

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the title to the 60’s classic that features the lyric we posted just above?

2) Give us the name of the artist who wrote and recorded this 60’s Classic ?

3) Give us the title’s to at least 3 more great tunes by this band ?

4) Tell us the name of the band member who resigned from the band to go on and form one of thee greatest “Super groups” of the 6o’s and beyond along with their name ?

5) Lastly give us the titles to at least 3 popular songs from “The Super Group” ?

Yeah! That’s a whole lotta questions, but we know YOU can handle them!

While you’re over thinking things, why not take a break, click on the link below and browse thru Omnivore Recordings catalog of the coolest music in the known world and beyond !





Remember, you can play the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore C D every 30 day’s!…



  1. Stop Stop Stop
    The Hollies
    Carrie Ann, Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress, Bus Stop
    Graham Nash, natch! Crosby Stills & Nash
    Our House, Teach Your Children, Marrakesh Express

    • Hey Jeff!
      Great job as usual, But! Fred Vogel beat you by a mere 36 minutes!
      It’s a jungle out there!
      Thanx as always!

  2. 1 “Stop, Stop, Stop”
    2 The Hollies
    3 “Bus Stop” “ON A Carousel” He Aint Heavy, He’s My Brother”
    4 Graham Nash
    5 “4+20”, “Teach Your Children” “Our House”

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