The SMS Trivia Question for 5 / 17

Here we are once again with the all new Trivia quiz for Tuesday May 17th! Brought to us each week by all the Groovey folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your place for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But! Before we raise the curtain on this week’s Trivia question, we’d like to recognize all the truly groovey readers who weighed in on last weeks quiz! Only two reader’s braved the rough waters of last week’s question, but if you’re a regular reader you’ll recognize both their name’s. Fast Freddie Vogel took the first place ribbon, with “always” on it Jeffrey Conroy snagging second place! Between them they covered our question, which was all about “The Hollies, Graham Nash, and their classic “Stop, Stop, Stop” Way to go guy’s! This week we’re going to quiz you about another lyric, The Writer and his family ! Take a good look at these lyric’s below:

“Say hello to Valerie, Say hello to Vivian”

“Give them both my salary on the waters of oblivion”

. You know the drill, we need the title of the song that features the lyric above and we need the name of the artist who had a hit with the song in 1968!  Most important for this quiz, we need the name of the song writer who penned this 60’s classic? Additionally, the songwriter had a son who had at least one hit in the late 1990’s, and yes we need his name and the name of HIS hit ?  Lastly give us the title of at least Three more song’s from this iconic 60’s singer / songwriter and at least two additional song’s from HIS son?

In summary, here’s what we need::

1) Give us the title of the 60’s classic that feature’s the lyric we posted above ?

2) Give us the name of the artist who, in 1968, had  a hit with this 60’s Gem ?

3) Give us the name of the iconic 60’s singer / songwriter who wrote this powerful ballad?

4) Give us at least 3 more great song’s from this songwriter ?

5) Give us his son’s name, the name of his band, and the title to his hit from the late 90’s ?

Thats it for this week’s “Super Challenge”  While your concentrating on all those details, why not click on the link below and dig deep into Omnivore Recordings  catalog of the greatest music in the known world and beyond!



  1. Too Much of Nothing
    Performer: Peter, Paul and Mary
    Writer: Bob Dylan
    Songs: Tangled Up in Blue; Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright; It Ain’t Me Babe
    Son: Jakob Dylan and The Wallflowers

    • Hey Lisa! First and foremost WELCOME TO Sixties Musics Secrets! I don’t recall seeing you before! But! We love that you joined in the
      conversation! And it’s clear you are already an “SMS Super Genius!
      You clearly know 60’s music!
      Great to have you onboard, and PLEASE don’t be a stranger!
      Rick Shoemaker / SMS

      • You know me, but I haven’t posted in a long time. I’m the one that was very much into the song, “Yellow Roses on her Gown?” This is the first time I’ve attempted the trivia question!!!


        • Hey Lisa, Yeah I do remember you! Most important it’s really great to see you here once again! I sincerely hope you continue to join in The weekly trivia quiz and the on going dialog!
          Thank you Lise and please don’t be a stranger!

    • Hey Clark, I’m frankly surprised that YOU were’nt all over this question! But yes, you nailed the basic question
      Hope to see you next Tuesday!

  2. Too Much of Nothing, Bob Dylan
    Peter Paul and Mary
    Blowing in the Wind
    Tangled Up in Blue
    Just Like a Woman and
    Don’t forget the awesome I and I
    Jakob Dylan
    The Wallflowers
    One Headlight
    6th Ave Heartache
    and let’s not forget he produced “Echo
    In The Canyon” documentary 🙂

    • Well Hey! So great to see you here! I knew you loved music but I did’n’ realize you were such a 60’s Maven! BUT! Like I said,great to see you AND If you’d like a cool CD from Omnivore Recordings hit me back on email and give me your preferred mailing address, And Omnivore will fire one off to you ASAP
      So, thanx for joining in the conversation and please don’r be a stranger!

  3. Too Much of Nothing…obviously my typing has not gotten up to speed …yet, today.

    I can’t be the first today. Where is everybody???

    Have a great week!!!

  5. Yoo Much of Nothing
    The Band
    Bob Dylan
    It Ain’t Me Babe, Blowin in tne Wind, All Along the Watchtower
    Jacob Dylan The Wallflowers

    • Hey Jeff I knew you’d be all over this one and like last week Steve Winogradsky beat you by a mere 29 minutes!
      See you next Tuesday!

  6. 1. Too Much Of Nothing
    2. Peter Paul and Mary
    3. Bob Dylan
    4. Blowing In The Wind, Mr. Tambourine Man, Like a Rolling Stone
    5. Jakob Dylan, Wallflowers, “One Headlight”

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