The SMS Trivia Question For Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a great quiz!

 Yes, Virginia! There is a Trivia Tuesday for Xmas day!          And on this Xmas morning we’d like to offer a Merry Xmas and a Hallelujah to the brilliant readers who correctly answered last weeks question which was all about the children of celebrity parents who had hit records in the 60’s ( You can always find our previous question by going to our home page and click on the question just below this one )

So, SMS Xmas congrats go out to “Fingers “Fred Vogel for, as always being first in! However, sorry to say Fred only got half the question correct, but he was in VERY early! Steven Winogradsky was in next, and we Think he nailed it? Didja Steve? Also on board was our ole pal Jim Gorman and YES Jimmy nailed it with a couple fresh ideas! Denise shoemaker, gave it “Hell” and came up with a half-dozen talented progeny but, unfortunately none were from the 60’s! Sorry D. There is always today’s question. Our new Trivia buddy Mark L. Chapman dropped by with nothing less than the perfectly correct answers and some great Extras! Big Thanx Mark!  And lastly, but certainly not Leastly, Our dear old friend who isn’t in The Rolling Stones, But does play a mean riff or two Ronnie wood showed up, went deep, expanded on the question and as usual entertained us!

Congrats, We’ll Done and Thank you to all you Gents and Dear Lady D.

But Now! It’s time for this weeks question, And as you’ve already guessed, today’s question has a Xmas theme: Here’s The set up: We’re going to give you a list of ten Superstars from the 60’s and beyond and we want YOU to give us the name of at least one Xmas song, Written  recorded and originally released by the artist we list!

PLEASE NOTE: as this is KEY! THE SONG MUST BE WRITTEN BY THE ARTIST WE LIST! We’re certain each of the ten artist on our list has recorded a classic Christmas song at some point, you know, “Jingle Bells” Rudolf the Reindeer” “Deck the Halls” “White Xmas” etc. Those don’t count! Got it?

Ten Artists /  One original Xmas themed song from each! Here ya go / Ho Ho Ho?

1) The Beatles (as a group)

2) John Lennon (Solo)

3) Paul McCartney (Solo, or Wings)

4) Chuck Berry

5) Joni Mitchell

6) Jose Feliciano

7) The Carpenters

8) Elton John

9) Stevie Wonder

10) The Beach Boys

Yes, there are a couple “No Brainers” In there and one or two “Hunhs?”

Lastly, for clarity, the songs we’re looking for didn’t necessarily come out in the 60’s but must have been written by one of these 60’s artists,  CLEAR? If not, jot down any question into the comments section and we’ll clear it up!

”It’s the hap happiest time of the year”


  1. As I scroll down the list I will offer: McCartney and Wings” awesome “WONDERFULL CHRISTMASTIME”!!!
    The Beatles”: “C.
    Jose Feliciano’s: “FELIZ NAVIDAD”. At one time this was PLAYED TO DEATH!!!

  2. “Unforgettable”, a hyper-rare holiday recording, while not exactly ‘written’ by Macca, twas certainly ‘assembled’ by him during Christmas 1965. An unreleased 18 minute music licensing nightmare, only 3 acetate copies pressed, one copy each for John, George & Richard.

    Quoting Paul, ““It was called Unforgettable and it started with Nat ‘King’ Cole singing ‘Unforgettable,’ then I came in over the top as the announcer” ‘Yes, unforgettable, that’s what you are! And today in Unforgettable…’ It was like a magazine program: full of weird interviews, experimental music, tape loops, some tracks I knew the others hadn’t heard, it was just a compilation of odd things. I took the tape to Dick James’s studio and they cut me three acetate discs. Unfortunately, the quality of these discs was such that they wore out as you played them for a couple of weeks, but then they must have worn out. There’s probably a tape somewhere, though.”

    With the 2018 holidays slipping away almost as quicklyas Lyor Cohen’s torrent of takedown notices are being generated, YouTube posters are suffering virtual whiplash, causing postings like this to vanish almost as soon as they appear. However….here’s an SMS link to Paul’s “Unforgettable”: and a second link to the full story behind its creation.

    Happy, Secretive Holiday wishes to all….

  3. That’s VERY interesting. The closest i’ve heard is re: German composer Richard Strauss who was like a rock star in his day. Fans wanted a lock of his hair as a souvenir. Obviously, he had a limited supply so bought a black poodle and snipped off that hair (poodles have hair as opposed to fur which is why they don’t shed . . . I digress) and delivered it to fans as his own. He went through 3 poodles. Aah, the things rock stars must go through to keep the fans happy . . . in addition to the music.

  4. Question: I’m a major Beatles fan but was there an actual fan club that got special goodies . . . or are you speaking generally?

    • Hey Denise,
      Good question, and the answer is YES INDEED! The Beatles had a full on official FAN CLUB! Organized by Brian Epstein and managed by a young (17 year old ) Liverpudlian girl named Freda Kelly! Due to her role with the club, Freda is somewhat of a legend among “Beatle People” But most importantly, YES! You got “Goodies” if you became a Fan Club member i.e. a membership card, an 8×10 glossy and autographed cards and, of course an exclusive copy of a Beatle Xmas record each year! Freda loved her job and reveled In personally responding to Fan Club inquiry’s. She frequently would cut off a lock of Beatle hair and forward it to a new club member. However, our favorite Freda story is when a fan asked for a piece of GUM that had been chewed by Ringo! Ever on her game Freda gave Ringo a piece of gum, had him chew it and immediately posted the gooey gob back to the eager fan! “special goodies indeed” Yuck, I’m getting just a little sick telling the story. But we digress, Epstein and Freda established the club in early 1963 in Freda’s house in Liverpool, but it quickly expanded to an office, eventually expanding into space in London adding more volunteers and employees. As you can imagine, The Fan Club grew exponentially as The Beatles fame skyrocketed, with chapters opening all over the world! Splinter clubs began to appear, “The George Harrison Fan Club” The John club, “The Paul fan club…You get the drill with volunteers and employees world wide! And here’s the best part, The Fan Club actually out lived the band! It’s generally accepted that The Beatles broke up circa 1970, but Freda and the club continued on and thrived until the mid 1970’s when one day George and Ringo got together and decided it was time to end the fan club! However Freda continued on, insisting there will always be “Beatles Fan Club”…
      Probably TMI but, we tend to do that with The Beatles cuz, like you, We’re “major” FANS!
      Thank you “Beatle Denise”

  5. Very Good!!! I knew only about 5 so decided to leave it to the experts. Enjoy reading even when I don’t have a clue. Thanks for the good cheer.

  6. Hey Steve,
    You got in so fast that I think I got Whiplash!,
    Meanwhile the question is so fresh, I need to restrict my comments…However I will say that I knew we might have to deal with the fact that The Beatles recorded an original Xmas song each year, which was a gift to their fan club members ONLY However there is one that was eventually released as a single in 1995! We believe that is the only one of their fan club Xmas songs that was ever released publicly! If we got that wrong please correct us! That was the one we were thinking of. BUT, as you are not a mind reader how would you know that?
    Meanwhile, we’ll accept your answer but to you and any other reader, do you know the title we are referring to?
    Thank you Mr. W.

    More on your answer a bit later!…

  7. ) The Beatles (as a group). Happy Christmas, Happy New Year

    2) John Lennon (Solo) So This Is Christmas

    3) Paul McCartney (Solo, or Wings). A Wonderful Christmas Time

    4) Chuck Berry. Run Rudolf Run

    5) Joni Mitchell. River

    6) Jose Feliciano Feliz Navidad

    7) The Carpenters. Merry Christmas Darling

    8) Elton John Step Into Christmas

    9) Stevie Wonder Someday at Christmas

    10) The Beach Boys. Little St Nick

    I confess to having to look up a couple of these, but knew most of them.

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