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YES, it’s Trivia Tuesday for March 19th! Brought to us each week by our Fab Friends at Omnivore Recordings! Your first and last stop for the tastiest music on this planet or any other!  But, before we get to our question and free CD’s, we’d like to acknowledge the abso – freakin-lutely brilliant readers who nailed last week’s question, which was: Identifying all the great bands Neil Young played in, or didn’t play in?

Sooooo,  “All the usual suspects and more chimed In making it a very crowded Trivia Quiz. But! First in was Speedy Steven Winogradsky, then in a close second Fast Fred Vogel. But, right on their heals, The Master Mark L. Chapman.  Followed by our old friend in Whitehouse Tennessee, Quick Curtis Stone. All four brilliant gents nailed the question, AND nailed the “Tie Breaker as well! WELL DONE GENTS! Also dropping in and “Sharing the Luv” Denise Shoemaker, and our ole buddy Ron Wood!  Huge SMS Congrats and Thank Yous to “All Of Ya’s! However this week, the very Groovey Omnivore Recordings grand prize CD goes to Mark L Chapman! Way to go Mark, enjoy the music!

But now, it’s time for this weeks question:  What classic track from “The Summer Of Love, tells the tale of “Officer Obie” and “The Group W Bench”?             Here’s what we need: Give us The correct and accurate title to this song ?(be careful here) Give us the name of the artist who wrote and performed the song, and the name of the artist’s Father? And, FOR EXTRA CREDIT:  Explain, briefly who Officer Obie is? And what, The Group W bench is ?

Sooo, there you have this week’s Question(s) And, as always, just below is our link to the Home of Omnivore Recordings! While you’re considering this week’s details, why not browse, “The tastiest music in the Universe”


Remember, you can answer the Trivia Question as often as you like but can only win a cool Omnivore CD every two weeks!




    • Hey Fred,
      Yes, we couldn’t agree with you more!
      BTW, you can see our artist’s image of Ron Wood on our Home Page! That’s Ron Kicking back in the bushes, shades on, with his arm wrapped around his guitar!
      That’s Ron Wood In Topanga Canyon! (Probably hummin the tune to “Alice’s Restaurant”

  1. Well good friend…you have really sent me into a cool time slip again and what a great one!! I’m in Topanga Canyon, there’s the Will Geer Theater and Arlo singing his monster opus “Alice’s Restaurant”. I was VERY MUCH CONSUMED WITH MY SELECTIVE SERVICE” OBLIGATIONS at this time and good ol’ Arlo GAVE MYSELF AND OTHERS A GREAT PLAN TO GET REJECTED FOR BEING not at all MORAL enough to reek carnage all over Nam just for being a “LITTER BUG”!! Officer OBIE arrested Arlo for this heinous crime! Arlo was fined and then found himself at the Selective Service Offices. Arlo spilled his guts to a shrink about wanting to KILL, KILL, KILL etc.!! BUT… after admitting these terrible crimes of GARBAGE DUMPING committed on Thanksgiving Day, Arlo was sent to the “Group W Bench”, [reserved for ALL MANNER of sinners i.e. father rapers and mother rapers]. Here he was eventually deemed UNFIT and TOO immoral to serve because of LITTERING!! So all who sang this song could bring on the magic of just being too immoral for killing in the Army by singing the “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre” song!!!
    And to this day every Thanksgiving we sing and play this seminal song!!!
    And yes Arlo’s father IS THE GREAT Woody Guthrie!! He was the face of a new social rights/human rights movement in music and song! A fabulous life!!
    thanx “shoe”….wood

    • Hey Mr. Wood,
      Now and then, in fact far More frequently than we ever imagined a reader will weigh in with their thoughts and commentary that perfectly captures the original intent and purpose for creating Sixties Music Secrets! This week my old friend you have done just that!
      Of course, you more than correctly answered the entire question but your added color and personal POV gives us all a better idea of what 60’s music and culture was all about!
      Thank YOU Ronnie and congratulations!

      • Thanx “Shoe”. The beauty of connecting with and being a part of your hands on involvement and creative contributions in these most phenomenal and consequential epochs of our collective music experiences and enjoyments, allows us to “be there again”, feeling all of it just like it was yesterday!! I recognize just how much of these memories have slipped out of my daily thoughts. I love these weekly/daily “Time Travel” moments.
        Peace and Love…wood

  2. Alices Restaurant. If I remember correctly, They were sttin on the bench..Obie was the officer that got in touch with Arlo….

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