The SMS Trivia Question for the Week 5/25

Sho nuff!  It’s Trivia Tuesday for May 25th! Always made possible by all the Groovey people at Omnivore Recordings!  Your singular choice for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But, before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to acknowledge all the brilliant readers who “chimed” in on last weeks question, which was : An Anagram! “Bursting Presence” unscrambles to become, Bruce Springsteen! Coming in first with ALL the right answers for what seems like the Umpteenth time was the seriously Trivial Jeffery Conroy! Way to go once more my dear Mr. Conroy! Up next was a Charter member “Sixties Music Secrets Super Genius Mr. Fred Vogel! Always great to see you Mr. “V” And “No worries, there’s a new trivia question just a few lines below! Wrapping things up with a sweet memory about Bruce and “The Big Man was our old buddy Curtis Stone! Always great to see you sir, but ya gotta wake up earlier!

But now! It’s time for the all new Trivia Quiz: This weeks question is a lyrical quiz! And here’s your lyric…

“The questions of a thousand dreams

what you do and what you see

lover can you talk to me”

With only a slight modification, these lyrics appear in two songs recorded by two different Super groups from the 60’s!  What are the full titles of the two songs that feature the above lyrics ? What are the names of the two bands that recorded these two great songs And for “SMS Super Genius status, Give us the titles of the two great albums that include these song(s) ?

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) What are the full titles of the two songs we referenced above ?

2) What are the names of the two bands that recorded this great song(s)

3) What are the titles of the two classic 60’s albums that include the song(s)

As your doing some very hard thinkin’, why not take a moment and click on the link below and spend some time surfin’ the Omnivore Recordings very cool catalog of the very coolest music in the known world and beyond!



  1. Rick, I only remember opening bands like the Yellow Payges and the Palace Guard.

    • Hey Fred,
      Understood as The Spydres were the opener for The Payges andThe Palace Guard! Jeeze I hated going on while the sun was still up!

  2. You are correct sirs. Both are a couple of my favorite tunes by both bands. I was quite pleased when I heard those lines in Carry on. Stills was pretty stinking prolific there for awhile. Kind my idol.

    • The CSN album was Stills at his highest level, playing almost all the instruments except drums. And his songs were the strongest on the album by a long shot.

  3. Carry On and Questions
    CSNY and Buffalo Springfield
    Deja Vu and Last Time Around

  4. ‘Carry On’ and ‘ Questions’
    CSN&Y. Buffalo Springfield
    De Ja Vu and Last Time Around

    Saw both bands in their days! Amazing!!

    • Missed seeing the Springfield but saw CSNY at The Greek Theatre in ’69 a week after Woodstock.

      • Hey Steve,
        I believe I was at that show at the “Greek” as well!
        Plus! For what it’s worth, played on the same stage with Buffalo Springfield at The Hullabaloo Club in the late 60’s
        Carry On!
        R ick

          • Hey Fred,
            Did you happen to see one of the opening bands called “The Spydres” as well?
            Rick (The Drummer from “The Spydres)

        • Braggart.. saw them at the valley music center…’68..with the dillards and the doors..before they had hits..i remebered it will. Nowadays clancy can’t even sing and mr soul were memorable..

          • Hey Curtis,
            And, how about “Go and Say Goodbye” man I could go on forever about their first album! In that regard, I am one of the minority of fans who bought one of the first pressings of the record, rare as that is there were a number of downsides with the first pressing. First, IT DIDN’t INCLUDE “For What It’s Worth” and second, something went wrong during the mastering process resulting in a sonically inferior record, not to mention it was in MONO!
            Did you own a copy of The Springfield’s first album? First pressing or second? If you research it a bit you’ll find that the differences are staggering!

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