The SMS Trivia Question for the Week 6 / 14

We’ll friends and neighbors, it is time once more for the all new SMS trivia question for Tuesday June 14th! Brought to us each week by all the “Hip and Cool” folks at Omnivore Recordings!  Your perfect destination for all the music you never knew, you, you never knew! However, before we unveil this week’s question, we’d like to recognize all the very brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question! Which was all about 60’s song lyric’s that included a name! First in, with a brilliant and detailed examination of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Richard Corey” was my “High School” friend and long time collaborator” Thee Mr. Bill Goshay! Following Big Billy was another “Charter member “Super Genius  Mr. Steve Winogradsky!  Mr. Jim Gorman also weighed in and “Clobbered the question with his usual charm and details! Finally Mr. Mark Leone  ( a relative “New Comer”  Finished things up and added his own flare to our quiz! Thanx Gents And here comes this weeks “Stumper!” In the summer of 1967, “The Summer of Love” The Beatles gave us something else to love and that something else was..”All You Need is Love” And YES, We loved it! “all You Need is Love” is arguably The Beatles most reviewed, analyzed, examined and “dissected Record of their brief career! Which for many reasons make it perfect for this weeks Trivia Question! So, get out your “Love Beads” and “Patchouli oil”put on “Magical Mystery Tour (The Vinyl version) And here we go: During the intro and Coda (look it up) sections of this Beatle classic, The Lads with a little help from George Martin,  I included and performed at least Three very different and disparate and popular musical pieces that gave the song a more international flavor! And that’s your question! Give us the titles to at least 3  pieces that are not part of “All You Need is Love”

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the titles to at least 3 songs The Beatles “sampled and included in their recording of “All You Need Is Love”.  ?

2) The truth is There are actually 5 pieces of  other songs included with in “All You Need Is Love” i, Give us the Titles to all Five ?

3) “All You Need Is Love” was The Beatles contribution to a world wide philanthropic Organization designed to bring nations and people together in love and Peace! Give us the name of the Organization ?

4) Lastly give of the title of the “B” ride  ?

“Th Th That’s All Folks” But! While you’re doing some serious “Thinkin” Why not take a break and check out Omnivorerecordings  crazy great catalog of the Coolest music in the known world and beyond! Just click the link below!








  1. Okay, It’s been awhile, so I guess I’ll kick things off with a partial answer. Again, after completely immersing myself in cyberspace for half a day, coming out the other end of the wormhole with this
    Of course, the fully orcrastrated La Marseillaise sets the tone, and reminds us of the powerful scene in Casablanca where the courageous clientele of Rick’s café overwhelm those nasty Nazis.
    More cinematic inspiration comes from the John Hurt, Andi MacDowell film, “Michael”, where their carpool Karole gives us their cringeworthy rendition. But you gotta love Andi, even at her worst.
    It was written by John (Paul is also credited) for the international peace event “Our World” the first global satellite performance.
    It was released as a 45 with “Baby You’re a Rich Man” on the flip side.
    Some of the other bits of Beatles songs were “She Loves You” and “Yesterday”
    Traces of “In the Mood” can also be heard.
    Wish I could say I pulled all this our of my head, but maybe I pulled it out of s somewhere else. Ah, I mean the interned.

  2. C’mon someone answer this I can’t give you the answer for another 16 or so days

      • Sorry Rick only just saw your reply. I wanted someone to have the answer rather than me giving them the answer

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