The SMS Trivia Question For The Week!

Well YES, here we are with a new Trivia Question for Tuesday Dec.11th.

But first, SMS want’s to recognize the only reader who correctly answered last weeks question; It was an Anagram! “Man Captures Lyric” actually unscrambles to read Sir Paul McCartney!

Only Steve Winogradsky weighed in with the full, correct, answer, and that only happened earlier this morning just prior to SMS posting today’s question!

An honorable mention also goes out to Jim Gorman for suggesting he knew the answer as well but didn’t print it!!

WELL DONE Steve! And Jim!

But now, here’s this weeks question and it’s Lyric related: According to this song’s lyric:  “He directs, certificate X”

What happens next?

And, here’s what else we need, besides the next line of Lyric?

We need the title of the song?

We need the name of this great 60’s act ?

And, for SMS extra credit, the following:  One member of this great act went on to become a successful Record Producer / Manager! What is His name? And we need the name of two SUPERSTARS He’s managed and produced?

That’s it, no hints unless you beg, and for Steve Winogradsky, et. al. the full correct answer must be received in “The Palatial offices and Studios of Sixties Music Secrets prior to Tuesday Dec. 18, 8:00 a.m. PST.

Have at it!









  1. …and people now are craning their necks to see her.
    Lady Godiva
    Peter and Gordon
    Peter Asher
    James Taylor
    Linda Ronstadt
    also: John David Souther (one of my favorites)

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