The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 1 / 11

Dear Sir or Madame, yes it’s Trivia Tuesday for January 11th! Brought to us each week by all the very cool folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your only option for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However before we dive into this week’s questions, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who contributed to this week’s trivia quiz.  Last Tuesday we asked YOU our loyal and creative readership to come up with at least one trivia question, for us to post as this week’s trivia quiz!

So now, it’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question / Questions for the week!

1) Our first trivia question comes from Mr. Clark Besch! And he asks: Which number one hit from Paul Revere and the Raiders features an excessive amount of huffing and puffing and heavy breathing, but not by Mark Lyndsey , the bands lead singer, but by someone else. Give us the song’s title and who did the hyper ventilating ?

2) Our second question is provided by our old friend and long time SMS supporter Mr. Bill Goshay! And Bill asks What do “Stayin In” by Bobby Vee and “Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye” by The Casinos have in common ?

3) Our third question also comes from Mr. Bill Goshay! And he asks: What do “Mr. Bass Man” by Johnny Cymbal and “Cinnamon” by Derek have in common ?

4) Question four comes from another long time reader and dear old friend Mr. Jim Gorman : Jim asks “How many 60’s hits can you name with the word girl or some other female related term or name in the title ?

5) Question number Five comes from Denise Shoemaker! Who asks What is Paul McCartney’s favorite of all the songs he’s written, both inside and outside The Beatles ?

Big SMS Thanx to Clark, Bill, Jim and Denise for your part in always keeping it fresh at SMS!

So! Here’s how this weeks quiz competition will work: You’ll get one point for each correct answer you post, with the exception of Jim Gorman’s question number four, since it has multiple answer’s you’ll get a half point for each correct answer to question number four.

The first reader in with the most points will win a completely Groovey  Omnivore Recordings CD and of course some awesome bragging rights!

Although we know your deep in contemplation, take a minute, click on the link below and browse Omnivore Recordings awesome catalog of the coolest music in the known world and beyond!


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  1. Oh wow, I haven’t had such a daunting homework assignment since Mr. Hulshoff assigned the class an essay on “How does the newly described DNA molecule impact what we know about human evolution?” Okay, here goes. The 60’s Music Secrets question, this may require some research and take up the rest of my Tuesday.
    1. Dave Clark Five? I Tried to listen to some YouTube to see if I could detect something Bill is talking about, and I couldn’t. I’ll take a stab at something , maybe “Hungry” ?
    2. Bobby Vee’s song common thread? The girl loves another guy, and the protagonist can’t deal with it.
    3. Johnny Cymbal wrote both songs.
    4. Female or female names? What have I done? I was really thinking songs with just “girl” or “woman” in the title, and that would be”
    a. “Girl” – Beach Boys
    b. “California Girls – Beach Boys
    c. “Surfer Girl” – Beach Boys
    d. “The Girl from New York City”
    e. “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon” – Neil Diamond
    f. “Girl from Ipanema” – ? (I should know this)
    g. “Natural Woman” – Aretha Franklin
    h. “Pretty Woman”
    i. “L.A. Woman” – Doors
    Oh, this is making my head hurt! Opps, it just exploded. Sorry ‘bout the mess. And girl names? That really is not possible given available time and resources.
    5. Paul’s favorite song? His favorite song was Brian Wilsons “God Only Knows”, but of songs he wrote? “Here, There and Everywhere”

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