The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 1/21

Yes! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Jan. 21st. Brought to us every Tuesday by our fine friends at Omnivore Recordings Your only stop for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know!  Ah, but before we get to this weeks question we’d like to recognize “All the Groovey people” who correctly answered last weeks question, which was: We gave you a random lyric from a 60’s classic and wanted to know all about it? The correct answer is “Hold Me Tight” From “Meet The Beatles” or, if you’re from “Across the pond”. “With The Beatles” Either way, dropping in from Canada first, with all the right answers was Owen Followed closely, only a few minutes behind was our friend Fred Vogel And lastly but not leastly Mr. Curtis Stone rounds out this weeks winners! Congrats gents, one and all!

But now, it’s time for this weeks new trivia quiz:  This week it’s all about the “Working titles to many of your favorite Beatle song’s. No song ever emerges as a complete work, new songs most always have a “Working title” or “placeholder”the songwriter uses until the song is complete!  Today, we’re going to reveal eight “Working Titles” that will go on to become Eight of your favorite Beatle songs!! This week, your challenge is to provide the eight correct and final titles we all know and love!  SMS “Super Genius” status to the reader who can supply the most revised, correct and final song titles, from the working titles below!

Got-it ? Here are your,  Eight Original/ Working Titles:

1) “Scrambled Eggs”…?

2) “That’s A Nice Hat”…?

3) “Bad Finger Boogie…?

4) “Seventeen”

5)  “Miss Daisy Hawkins”…?

6. “Hello Hello”….?

7) “It’s Not Too Bad”….?

8). “In The Life Of”…?

There you have them, your great eight working titles!  No ringers, no tricks, they’re simply the real working titles to eight Beatle songs, all part of your Beatle collection! As always, if you have any questions log them in the comments section below!

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Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia quiz as often as you like, but can only win a cool Omnivore Recording’s CD every 30 days…Good Luck!


  1. This is a tough one for me!! But with some intuition thrown in I’ll guess:
    -Badfinger Boogie has a “Badfinger” Band connection and recall some collaboration with our boys on “With a Little Help From My Friends”.
    -Seventeen must be “I Saw Her Standing There”.
    -Hello Hello has to be “Hello Goodbye”.
    -In The Life Of is too close to “A Day in the Life” (A BIG FAV OF MINE)!
    That’s all I can rack from my brains!

    • Hey Wood,
      You may have only caught half of them, but, the four you got are all correct!
      Thanx Woody!

    • Hey Curtis,
      My sentiments exactly! I believe you were referring to Oen’s speed and accuracy?
      Thanx Ol buddy!

  2. 1) Yesterday
    2) It’s Only Love
    3) With A Little Help From My Friends
    4) I Saw Her Standing There
    5) Eleanor Rigby
    6) Hello, Goodbye
    7) Strawberry Fields Forever
    8) A Day In The Life

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