The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 1/28

Yes, It’s Trivia Tuesday for Jan. 28th! Brought to us each Tuesday morning by the very cool and generous folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your only place in the known world where you’ll find All the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But, before we get to this week’s trivia question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was: We gave you Eight working titles from Eight of your Beatle favorites and asked you for the actual final titles the working titles evolved into! Only two readers took a shot at it with Owen being the first in with all 8 correct titles! Taking last weeks groovey Omnivore C.D. ! Way to go Owen! Ron Wood  also showed up in second place and shared a few memories! Thanx Woody! And we’d also like to thank Curtis Stone for sharing his thumbs up and being a loyal reader!

But Now! It’s time for this weeks new Trivia Quiz: This week we offer up a more abbreviated reprise of last weeks question, here ’tis  Give us the original/ working titles to the first two feature films starring The Beatles “The final titles are of course “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help!” But we want YOU to give us the original working title for each film! You got this…Right? Yeah, we’re going easy on you this week!……You’re welcome!

Finally, as we do each week, Please click on the link to Omnivore Recordings HomePage just below and browse the greatest record catalog in the entire Universe!



Remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like but can only win a cool Omnivore C D every 30 days!…


  1. A Hard Day’s Night was initially known as Beatlemania, then Let’s Go!

    Their second feature film was firstly known as Beatles Production 2, followed by Eight Arms To Hold You

    • Hey Owen,
      Yessirrey you nailed it, including “Production notes, so to speak!
      However, John Zambetti swooped into first place beating you by only 13 seconds!
      See ya next week, I hope!
      Thanx Owen…

    • Hey John,
      It’s great to see you hear once more, and of course you nailed it as well as being first in!
      Thanx John!

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