The SMS Trivia Question of the week 1/7

Yes It’s Trivia Tuesday for Jan. 7th. Brought to us each week by our friends at Omnivore  Recordings Your only destination for all the greatest music in the known world! Check’em out, you’ll be very impressed! But now! We’d like to recognize the savvy readers who correctly answered last weeks question, which was: We quoted a lyric and wanted to know from where it came! The correct answer was 25/25 by Zager and Evans! Weighing in first but only with a partial answer was, as usual Fast Fred Vogel ! Next in Edmund Clark Simmons, With Owen and Curtis Stone rounding out the mix and Ed Simmons winning this weeks very cool Omnivore CD! Big SMS thanx and congrats to all you fine gentlemen!

But now! It’s time for this weeks new Trivia Question This week we’d like you to give us the titles of at least SIX (6) Beatle songs that include a girls name in the title?

And, for SMS Super Genius status give us the last names of at least three (3) of  the six names you include?

In summary, here’s wat we need:

1) The Titles to at least Six Beatle songs that include a girls name?

2)The last name of at least three of the girls you sight?

As usual, as you’re rifling thru your old Beatle record collection, why not click on the Home link to Omnovore’s incredible catalog of old and new music!

Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia question as often as you like, but you can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!



  1. Lovely Rita, Julia, Eleanor, Michelle, Lucy in the sky, Polythene Pam. Penny Lane (Although not a song not a song about a girl) but has has a girls name. Obviously Rigby, for a last name, Julia was written about Lennon’s mom, so maybe Lennon? and…Well…I gotta go with Lane, I guess. please someone post the last names of these Beatle ladies’ last names. I am at a loss…

    • Hey Curtis,
      We included the “Last names” part of the question, just to challange brilliant experts like yourself! The truth is only a few actually have a last name! Here are a couple “Dear Prudence” is Prudence Farrow “Julia” is Julia Lennon ( John’s Mum) “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is Lucy O’Donnell a school friend of Julian Lennon’s (John’s son) that’’s all we got! We offer a very warm SMS welcome to anyone who might have any more!
      Rick and the staff and management in the palatial offices and studios of Sixties Music Secrets!…

    • Hey Owen,
      We can always depend on you to get us thinking! “Her Majesty” Well, After some serious consideration,, You’re right, that is her name…Sorta?
      But, very clever!
      Thanx for making us think twice!

    • Hey Fred,
      A perfect SIX! However Julie Ismert swooped in just about 40 minutes BEFORE your legendary “Fast Fingers hit the keyboard!
      Got any last names?

        • Hey Fred,
          Really? Only “Rigby” However, I’m pleased to tell you that you Fred Vogel are the 2019 SMS Trivia champ having correctly answered the weekly trivia question for Nine weeks!….No other reader came close!
          Congrats Fred and thanx for being a long time and integral part of Sixties Music Secrets
          Happy New Year and I hope we hear even more from you in 2020

          • Thanks Rick. It’s always fun (and a challenge) to trasport my brain back to the ’60s. Happy New Year to you.

  2. Lady Madonna, Sexy Sadie, Eleanor Rigby, Lucille, Maggie Mae, Martha, Julia, Michelle, Prudence, Penny Lane

    • Hey Jules…
      WOW! First in “Before the ink was dry on the page” with more than six titles!
      However we’ve never been clear about where to find “Lucille? But! No matter where she shows up you’re still this week’s “SMS Super Genius”
      Yeah Yeah, YEAH!

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