The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 10/15

Yes indeed, it’s Trivia Tuesday for Oct. 15th. and before we get to this week’s question, we offer “All apologies” to all the readers who attempted to log on to SMS yesterday with no success! SMS suffered a temporary technical problem, but as of this morning all is well and “You’re free to roam  about the cabin.” However,, before we get to this week’s question we want to thank the “Way Cool” Folks at Omnivore Recordings For making the weekly Trivia quiz possible! Omnivore is your only destination for All the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! And it’s here where we like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was: We asked you to identify a lyric from a big hit from the late 60’s! The title we were looking for was “Something in the air” by Thunderclap Newman! First in with the correct answer was our old friend and long time reader Steven Winogradsky!  Edmund Simmons weighed in but didn’t quite nail it, but here’s your second chance Ed! Additionally first time player Owen weighed in with the correct answer.Welcome to the SMS Trivia Quiz Owen!…Our Fast friend Fred Vogel nailed it as use. As well as Curtis Stone And last butnot least it was great to hear from our old friend John Zambetti!  So great to see you here again Johnny Z.  Big SMS Thanx and congrats to one and all!

But now, it’s time foe this week’s TRIVIA Quiz: this week, it’s time for an Anagram..And here it is “Ogreish groaner”.                                                                And, here’s what we need, Give us the name that “Ogreish Groaner unscrambles into? And the title to their first solo album and one song title from that album?    In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Who is Ogreish Groaner?

2) What is the title of their first solo album?

3) Give us at least one song title that appeared on the album?

While your busy rifling thru your old record collection, why not click on the link to Omnivore’s  Homepage, we provided below, and grab some great music!


And remember, you can answer the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like but can only win a cool Omnivore CD every two weeks!





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