The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 11/12

Yes indeed, it’s Trivia Tuesday for Nov. 12th. Brought to us each week by the generous folks over at Omnivore Recordings!  The only place for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know!  Meanwhile, before we get to this weeks question, we’d like to acknowledge the brilliant readers who correctly answered last weeks question, which was: an Anagram! “slick on each jam” unscrambles to become Michael Jackson! First in with the full and correct answer was Owen! Way to go Owen and congrats on now being a multiple winner! And right on Owen’s helels was Fred Vogel Nailing the question as usual! Big SMS Congrats to both you fine gents!

But now, it’s time for this weeks new Trivia Quiz: Give us the titles of FIVE classic Beatle  records that feature a Harmonica in the Intro? And, for big SMS extra credit , which Beatle played the Harmonica?

Once more, in summary:

1) Tell us the titles to at least 5 Beatle songs that feature a Harmonica in the songs introduction?

2) Only one Beatle played Harmonica, who was it?

Yes! This weeks question Blows and Sucks! Sooooo, as you playback in your mind, every Beatle song you’ve ever heard, why not click on the link to  Omnivore Recordings  Home Page just below and do some early Xmas shopping?

One final announcement! Beginning with this weeks Trivia question, you can only win an Omnivore Recordings prize CD once every 30 days ( rather than our prior rule of every two weeks)

If you have any questions about our weekly trivia question and winning an Omnivore CD? Please feel free to drop a note in the Comments section that follows every trivia question!





  1. Well, how about these:

    Little Child – Chains – Please Please Me – From Me To You –
    I’ll Get You – Love Me Do – I Should Have Known Better

    I believe all harp playing was done by John.

    • Hey Owen!
      Way to go! We think you may have named all of ‘em However, we think there’s a “Bass” Harmonica in the intro to “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” But you can barely hear it
      Great Job Owen, and especially poignant when you consider that when your visiting SMS your among many of the smartest “Beatle People”we know! Congrats once more Owen!

  2. John played the harmonica, but the only songs that come to mind are “I Should Have Known Better” and “Love Me Do”.

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