The SMS Trivia Question of the Week 11/3

Are you feeling a little confused this morning, a little chaotic, perhaps suspicious, seeking advice and direction? Maybe we can distract you a bit! As it’s also Trivia Tuesday for November 3rd. Brought to us by all the Groovey people at Omnivore Recordings! Your absolute destination for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! But meanwhile before we get into this weeks question, we’d like to recognize the brilliant readers who weighed in on last weeks question, which was: We focused on The Monkees and offered up a collection of questions about each individual Monkee! First in was SMS Super Genius  Mr. Ed Simmons! Way to go Ed, you certainly know your “Monkee Business”  Next up was what we might call a charter member SMS Super Genius Mr. Fred Vogel! Way to rock it Fred! Lastly we want to congratulate a newly ordained SMS Super Genius Mr. Clark Besch! Yaaaye Clark!

But now! It’s time for the new SMS trivia question of the week: This week your question is a lyrical one! Here’s your brief lyric, according to the song:

“You can wheel and deal the best of them and steal it from the rest of them, you know the score, their ethics are a bore.”  

There you have it, all you need to do is tell us the title of the 1968 hit  that features the lyric and the name of the singer / songwriter who recorded this clever and unique gem? And, as usual to achieve SMS Super Genius status, give us the title to another song from this talented artist that pays a comical homage to the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs?

In summary, here’s what we need

1) The title of the unique song that includes this unusual lyric from 1968 ?

2) The name of the singer/songwriter who recorded this gem?

3) For SMS Super Genius status: Give us the title to another song from this talented artist that pokes fun at one of Edgar Rice Burroughs famous works?

Lastly, as you ponder today’s question and browse through your collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs books for a clue, click on the link below and spend some time with Omnivore Recordings and check out some of the coolest music in the known world!


Remember, you can answer the weekly trivia question as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days!




  1. Ray Stevens
    Mr Business Man..You better take care of business mr business man.
    Gitarzan, he’s a jungle man.
    He had a great version of Misty, as well. It was suggested by the Pedal steel player Jay Dee Maness. They worked it up live. Ray dig it so much he recorded it. He had a huge hit. Check out the steel solo. Might be worth an upload here for our 60’s music secrets friends and family. Until next time babies.

    • Hey Curtis,
      You’re so right about Ray’s version of “Misty”! Ray is mainly known for his comedic prowess, but at the end of the day “That Dude can sing! Did you ever work with him?
      Thanx as always,

  2. Rick, I completely cheated and found it online, and waited to post. And I know this isn’t a political blog, and I commend you for keeping it that way. But what a great choice on the Tuesday November 3rd 2020! I am sure we are all holding our breaths. In the mean time . . . spoiler alert !!!!!!

    • Hey Jim,
      You obviously picked up on the fact that, it was mot a mere coincidence running that post on Election Day! “Mr. Business Man is one of my all time faves and I’ve been looking for a reason to feature it and when Tuesday came along and when Trump’s image was everywhere, I thought “How perfect”
      Meanwhile I loved the clip you posted, as usual, Ray’s performance is simply phenomenal!
      Thanx Jim,

  3. Mr. Business man by ray Stevens is a BIG fave of mine. Between that and Unwind, it proves how well he can do serious AND comedy songs. His “Even Stevens” album is great. After one or two failed 45s in this mode, he hit with Unwind. All of these from 68 are on the CD of that LP.
    Did not know last answer, tho.

    • Hey Clark,
      Your so right, “Unwind” and “Business Man” is a Ray Steven’s one, two, punch of what he’s capable of when he’s not being funny! And then of course is his cover of “Misty” btw, is Misty included on the “Even Stevens album?
      Thanx Clark,

      • Rick, Misty is not on that CD. It was a hit many years later. STILL, I agree he did a great job.

    • Hey Fred, glad to see you’re consistently back with all the right answers! But Ed Simmons got up extra early this week to take the prize!
      Thanx Fred, hope to see you next Tuesday

    • Hey Steve,
      Great to see you! And of course you nailed it and just missed being in first by 24 mins!
      Hope to see you next Tuesday

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