The SMS Trivia Question of the week 11/30

Yes it is! Trivia Tuesday for Nov. 30th! Brought to us each week by the very Merry folks at Omnivore Recordings! Your perfect destination for all the music you didn’t know, you didn’t know! However, before we unveil this weeks all new Trivia Quiz, we’d like to recognize all the brilliant readers who weighed in on last week’s question, which was: All about the lyrics to The Beach Boys two classic Xmas songs, “Little St. Nick” and “The Man With All The Toys.” Coming in first, as he frequently does was our own “Fast Freddie Vogel”! However he came in a little short on fully answering last weeks Quiz! Nice try Mr. V. But there is a new quiz just below! Following Fret was Ms. Denise Shoemaker! But, she too could only deliver a partially correct answer! But of course big SMS Thanx for “Giving it Hell” Following Denise came our old friend from “Highway 101” and the best bass player I know Mr. Curtis Stone! Big SMS Congrats Curtis, you are the only reader to fully and correctly answer this weeks question! A very cool Omnivore C D is on it’s way to you! “Happy Xmas! Finally we want to recognize Mr. Tom Slocum! Thanx Tom for joining in the fun and conversation! Take a look at this weeks all new question just below…Go ahead and knock it outta the park!

But now! It’s time for this week’s new Trivia Question: This week’s question is yet again a lyrical question with a twist or two! Here’s your lyric…

“Smashing into neon streets in their stillness
Smearing their eyes on the crazy-colored goddess
Listenin’ to sounds of Mingus Mellow Fantastic”

“My my they sigh”

“My my they sigh”

There’s your lyric and yes it is a wee bit Psychedelic! As usual, we need you to tell us what classic 60’s song includes the  above lyric ? Who wrote and recorded this classic, plus give us at least 3 additional song titles from this uniquely talented singer / songwriter!  Additionally, here’s a Sixties Music Secrets heads up! Spelling counts! Specifically  in the song’s  title, it is far too frequently misunderstood, mis quoted and mis wrote…You’re Welcome!

But wait there’s more: There is a reference to this songwriter’s Surname in a classic Simon and Garfunkel recording, released just a year later! Give us the title to that S & G song!

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) Give us the title ((correctly spelled) to the classic 60’s song that includes the above lyric’s ?

2) Give us the name of the singer / songwriter who wrote and recorded this 60’s classic ?

3) Give us the titles to at least 3 more “Gems” from this talented artist ?

4) And finally, to earn SMS “Super Genius status, Give us the title of the Simon and Garfunkel record that reference’s the Surname of the lyricist featured this week ?

Meanwhile, as you read and re-read and re-read again, why not take a break and click on the link below and browse Omnivore Recordings catalog of the Merriest Music in the known world and beyond!


Remember, you can play the weekly quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore C D every 30 days!…

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