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BOO! And it’s Trivia Tuesday for Oct. 30th And, of course you know that it’s here where we like to recognize the brilliant readers who knocked last weeks question outta the park ( our apologies to you DODGERS fans ) Last weeks question was: “The Wonder Who” had a Top Ten single in 1965 with a cover of a Bob Dylan song! What is the real name of The Wonder Who and what was their lead singers name? The answer; of course, The Four Seasons and Frankie Valli

BIG SMS CONGRATS go out to Mark L. Chapman for being first in ( less than 13 minutes after we posted) Well Done Mr. Fast Fingers, First in and on the money! Steve Winogradsky zoomed in with a very close second YAAAYEE Mr. Dub-Ya! Coming in a close third is our old friend and someone who never misses a chance to make it look easy Mr. John Zambetti Congrats John, Have you ever missed a question? Just sayin’ And, we can’t overlook our OLD friend in Florida who always includes tons of back up! AND WE LOVE THAT! Ron Wood  Attaboy Ronnie! And WELL DONE! One and all!!

But now, it’s time for this weeks Trivia quiz!  This week’s question is an “Anagram” and a little bit more! So first, here’s your Anagram:  “two red rats”

Tell us who two red rats is? Also tell us, with what band did they make their world wide recording debut ?  AND for you SUPER GENIUSES Give us the titles to at least two songs that appeared on that debut album?


1) Who is two red rats?

2) the name of the band they first recorded with?

3) Two song titles from that debut record?

No hints till after Halloween!

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  1. I have to say: ‘ Rod Stewart” recall Rod first had hits with the “JEFF BECK GROUP” and I know “I Ain”t Superstitious” is one big hit and also from this time the song: “You Shook Me” — both with Jeff Beck. The album is Jeff Beck’s” “TRUTH”. I MUST ADMIT I WAS totally UNAWARE OF JEFF BECK AND ROD and RONNIE UNTIL I BOUGHT THE ALBUM —“EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY” AND I MUST SAY THAT every song ON THAT RECORDING IS A hit!!the wood

    • Hey Woodie!
      Couldn’t agree with you more, and Yes! I remember dropping the needle on Jeff Becks “Truth” album and hearing Rod’s raspy voice and thinking…..”How can that guy sing like that’?
      Yeah, and Every Picture Tells A Story is a perfect record!
      Big thanx to you my friend and “The other Ron Wood”

      • My roommate Ken brought the album home at the time and I went NUTS!!!!! I HAVE BEEN CONFUSED ABOUT THE “SMALL FACES” TO “FACES” name change TRANSITION TOOK PLACE???

  2. IMHOs..My very very fave UK LP from 60s..Ron Woods last good playing..Becks Bolero, Aint Superstitious, Let Me Love you Baby, Old Man River, etc etc..Micki Mosts greatest production credit!

    • Hey Mark!
      Wow! I’m so glad you “Chimed in on this topic, mainly because YOU TOTALLY NAILED IT!
      Yes, we obviously agree, that is His greatest work!
      And, Mickie Most is someone whose name has never appeared here at SMS and deserves sooooo much cred for 60’s British rock and more!
      Thank you MLC

  3. This is Rod Stewart, who joined the remnants of Small Faces to form just Faces with Ron Wood, both formerly with the Jeff Beck Group. Their first album was First Step, with songs written by group members Stewart, Wood, Ian McLagan and Ronnie Lane. Titles include Wicked Messenger (written by Dylan) and Nobody Knows.

    • Hey Steve, as always you arrive fully armed with great detail! This week we think you’re close on the answer but, didn’t quite nail it!
      Our question was: What was “Rod Stewart’s” world wide record debut? We believe that would be with the release of Jeff Beck’s album “Truth” from 1968, where Rod was the featured vocalist!
      Please let us know if you disagree and or can prove otherwise…
      Lastly, we know Rod recorded a single with Long John Baldry prior to Beck, but were not sure if that was released outside the U.K.
      Thanx Steve look forward to your thoughts and a new trivia question just 48 hours away!

  4. Well I’ve untangled the anagram. It’s Rod Stewart. And I know he was in the Yardbirds, but to get his first album and two songs I’d have to cheat, so I’ll leave that to someone smarter than me.

    • Hey Jim,
      First one in on the Anagram with the correct answer!
      And,, as of this writing, NO ONE has correctly answered the full question, and there’s just under 48 hrs. Till the next Trivia Quiz! Sooooo, according paragraph 4.5 of the SMS policy’s and covenants that makes you the “Lead Dog on this weeks question!
      Lastly, there is a confusing family tree regarding 60’s era British singers and guitar players, BUT, Rod Stewart was never in The Yardbirds! However Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page ALL WERE!
      Thanx James, see you next Tuesday…

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