The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

  YES! It’s Trivia Tuesday for Nov. 6th and we’re so happy you elected to have a run with us today! And you can probably guess from the graphic pictured above what the subject is this week?

However, as we do here each Tuesday, we want to recognize the Fab Four savvy readers who correctly answered last weeks quiz, who were; The ironically named Ron Wood, who was the only reader to completely and accurately answer the question correctly! Way to go Woody! But then, taking very close seconds,Magic Mark L. Chapman, Jiminey Jim Gorman ( Who was the first In, nailing the anagram part of the question) Attaboy Jimmy G. And, yes the peripatetic Steve Winogradsky!  Yeah! Steve! & WELL DONE GENTS!

But now, here’s this weeks question:  This week, we’d like to know just how closely you’ve watched The Beatles Feature film debut, “A Hard Day’s Night” AND, This weeks question is broken into three parts!

Part One:  During The Press party scene, Ringo is asked by a pretty reporter “Are you a Mod or a Rocker?

What does Ringo reply ?

Part Two: In a scene on the train into London, Super Model, The future Mrs. George Harrison, and further future Mrs. Eric Clapton, Patti Boyd has a role in the film! However, her role only calls for her to say ONE WORD!

What is the one word Patti speaks ?

Part Three: Back at the Press party scene, John is asked by another pretty reporter “Do you have any hobbies” ?   John grabs the reporters note pad and quickly writes down ONE WORD!

What is the one word John writes  ?

There you have it, Three of the most famous moments from our favorite Beatle movie, all you have to do is fill in the dialog that amounts to little more than 3 words!

Meanwhile, here’s the group with a little music to help you think…

Lastly, because we know you’ve always been curious! The piercing opening guitar chord played at the top of the song is, A dominant 9th of F in the key of ‘C’


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    • Hey John,
      We figured you’d be right on this one. But! We’d like to add to your comment for consideration; YES, you’re right, you don’t see the word, “Just the reporter’s shocked face”
      However,, in the book of “Beatle details” of which we believe YOU are one of it’s many co-authors, it’s well know what the word is that Lennon jots down! In fact, when you know the word, you can tell John is writing “two T’s”
      If you know what we mean?
      Always a pleasure…

  1. Ringo is neither a mod or a rocker….he is a Mocker
    Patti Boyd’s one word was “prisoners”
    John writes “boobs”

    • Hey Jules,
      FIRST IN! Way to go girlfriend! It’s a little to early in the week to fully give up the correct Trivia answer. But, we will say this… Although your answer is “Technically” correct ( or perhaps we should say “Biologically” correct) the word John writes isn’t “Boobs” please give it a thought and come back with that one word he writes!
      Looking forward to it!

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