The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

Yes it is, Trivia Tuesday for Nov. 13th !

But, before we get to the question, we’d like to acknowledge ONLY TWO readers who correctly answered last weeks question, which was in three parts, with each part asking a question about a scene in The Beatles first feature film “A Hard Day’s Night!

Julie! was the first in correctly nailing all three parts! And then in a close second, John Zambetti  swooped in and took second position! Congratulations  Ms. Julie and Mr. Zambetti! 

If you’d like to read more detail about last weeks question, go to our Home Page and click on the image of a finger touching a question mark!

But Now, it’s time for this weeks trivia quiz:  And this week we are once again featuring an Anagram! However, this weeks Anagram isn’t a man, woman or group! This weeks Anagram is a Song Title!

Soooo, here’s your Anagram: Aha! Eternity as vow!  

There you have it, tell us what extremely popular song title that is, who performed it AND what classic album it appears on?

( if you really need a hint,  you can find one on our Home Page )



  1. Hey Fred!
    Excellent catch my friend As of this moment in time nobody, but you has even attempted to answer last weeks Anagram!
    Not, to give away to much but our trivia question is frequently related to a recent post,! But, obviously you know that!
    WELL DONE Fred, and thanx for always playing along!

    • Hey Fred,
      I actually tested this question on a couple friends and NOBODY COULD EVEN GET CLOSE, but you nailed t in just a few minutes! What is your system? You must have a system. Regardless, you were faster than first in and delivered a perfect, correct answer! WAY TO GO FAST FREDDY!

      • The amount of letters, especially the letter V, made it doable. If I recall correctly, Led Zeppelin was featured in one of your recent posts.

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