The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week

GOBBLE GOBBLE, Yes! It’s time for Turkey, T.V. And Trivia Tuesday for Nov. 20th

Last week only one reader even attempted to answer last weeks question, which was an Anagram, “Aha Etenity as vow” unscrambles and becomes “Stairway to Heaven” of course it does! Sooo big SMS  congrats go out to the hungry Fred Vogel Who is the only reader to weigh in with the correct answer!

WAY TO GO FRED! Have an extra helping of mashed potatoes on us !

But now! Here is this weeks question! And it too is in three parts! Here’s your question: Remember this lyric from a classic Beatle song? “Flew in from Miami Beach B.O.A.C.”

Part one: Which classic Beatle song includes that lyric?

Part two: What does B.O. A. C. Stand for?

Part three: WHO played drums on this great track?

  No hints, but for extra credit, what is the significance of the red flag pictured above?




  1. I got Back in the USSR, and I suppose the flag is of the Soviet Union. That’s all I could determine.
    Somebody said Paul played drums. Why is that?

    • Hey Denise,
      Well, as far as we can tell, you got two thirds of the question right! However, the flag is the national flag of TURKEY ( our little Thanksgiving joke ) ….?
      And, yes Paul played drums on this song…The reason being, just prior to commencing the recording of THE WHITE ALBUM, Ringo quit the band! He simply could no longer deal with the relentless bickering between John and Paul, and to a lesser degree George
      Thanx D. Always great when you drop in!

    • Hey Mark,
      Yeah, of course YOU nailed this weeks question, and your the only reader that precisely identified the flag. Your correct, it is the Turkish flag, or as we tried to imply in an homage to Thanksgiving…”The Flag Of TURKEY…get it Turkey? (Sorry about that)
      BUT, You are this weeks big winner, Have another slice of white meat on us!

    • Hey Fred, well, I wish I could say you nailed the question, but, O.K. I will….Yeah Fred you answerd the question perfectly correct, IN MY DREAMS!
      Always great when you drop in along with your sense of humor!

  2. Back in the USSR

    British Overseas Airways Corp.

    McCartney played drums

    Flag is of Communist Soviet Union

    • Hey Steve!
      First in! And you, of course nailed the basic question!
      However, the flag was our attempt at a Thanksgiving joke, as the flag we featured is the national flag, of… TURKEY !
      Yeah, all apologies for that one

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