The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week

YES! It’s Trivia Tuesday for December 4th, and “Heads Up” This weeks Question has a rating level of  DEF CON 5. So hang on to your Patchouli and Love beads!
But first, a tip of the SMS hat to the loyal readers who nailed last weeks question, which was all about the classic Beatle track “Glass Onion”
Big SMS CONGRATS go out to Steven Winogradsky for being first in with the correct answer! In spite of an attack of “Blue Meanies”  Same goes for Jack B’Goshay who weighed in with a close second! WAY TO GO GENTS!

But now, here is this weeks question, and it begins with an ANAGRAM: Man Captures Lyric

1) Who is Man Captures Lyric?

2)This artist has a semi-famous brother, What is the brother’s name?

3) What is the name of the brother’s band?

4) And for you SMS super geniuses: What is the title to the brother’s only minor hit?

Soooo, in Summary, Unscramble “Man Captures Lyric” and tell us about That Artisrs brothers’  music career?

Got it?   No hints, but we’re open to any and all questions!

So, Please don’t be shy!




    • Hey Steve,
      A new Trivia Question is just a few days away, so we Thought we’d offer you a chance to take a second look at your ALMOST right answer! Soooo
      “Man Captures Lyric contains 15 letters!
      Paul McCartney contains only 12 letters…..whadda we gonna do with those extra 3 letters?

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