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SHOW BIZ KIDS!  Yep, it’s Trivia Tuesday for Dec. 18th. And here we are smack dab in the middle of the Holiday season!

It has often been said that “Christmastime” is for the children, we’re not sure that’s completely true, BUT! This weeks Trivia Question is most definitely about The Children! However before we get to this week quiz, we want to acknowledge the ONLY brilliant reader who correctly answered last weeks question, which was a lyric : “He directs certificate X” was folowed by “And people now are craning their necks to see her” The lyric is from Peter and Gordon’s smash “Lady Godiva”

Fingers Fred Vogel  was the only reader to even attempt to answer the question, and he did, quite correctly! Well done Fred!  BTW Steve W. Now’s Your chance ?

But now, it’s time for this weeks question;  And yes, it’s all about the children, specifically the children of famous celebrity parents! In the 60’s there were several big hits by the sons or daughters of Superstar parents, and we’d like you to tell us about at least four of these “Show Biz Kids !

Sooo, here’s what we need

1) The names of at least four children of famous celebrity Mums or Dads?

2) The name(s) Of their band, If they had one?

3) The name of their celebrated parent(s)?

4) And, of course, at least one Hit  song title from each artist, from The 1960’s!

In summary: Give us at least four names of the progeny ( Who made records) of famous celebrities, from the 60’s! Their band name, only if they had one. The names of their celebrity parents AND, at least one title of one hit from all four young recording artists!

We’re only asking for Four….But, showing off is always welcomed and appreciated!





  1. Great question this week…my mind is filled with a flurry of songs, faces and memories!!!
    My first stab at this is the son of OZZY and HARRIOT: RICKY NELSON. Ai WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO SEE HIM A FEW TIME AT THE OLD TROUBADOR!! SO MANY SONGS and changes in genres! Of course “HELLO MARY LOU” but one tune he played at the TROUB. was a cover of BOB DYLAN’S “I SHALL BE RELEASED”.
    Now I am thinking of NANCY SINATRA, daughter of ol’ BLUE EYES. I liked “BANG, BANG”!
    JOHN AND CYNTHIA LENNON’S son JULIAN LENNON with a great tune “TO LATE FOR GOODBYES”. AND we have JOHN AND YOKO LENNON’S son SEAN [and I’m just pluggin’ this for him] who helped create a GREAT documentary film called ‘WHALE DREAMERS” — bases on the Australian Aboriginal Peoples mystical practices of “SEEING” that which most people are so clueless about. The film is an ECO-PLANET-ORIGINAL PEOPLES tome for greater awareness of our one and ONLY HOME and how to imagine a great change in our approach to treating ourselves and the planet with considerably more respect and love!!
    BOB AND SARA DYLAN’S son JACOB DYLAN did soooo well with his band the “WALLFLOWERS” and “ONE HEAD LIGHT”!!
    Finally I MUST give a shout out to MR. DEREK TRUCKS son of CHRIS TRUCKS who is the brother of BUTCH TRUCKS one of the great pair of drummers in the ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND [JAI JOHANNY JOHANSON drummer]. Derek is married to SUSAN TEDESHI and their band of SUPER MUSCIANS!! Check out “KEEP ON GROWING”…AWESOME!!! And I also need to give a shout out to DEVON ALLMAN and DUANE BETTES also picking up the families SUPERIOR CREATIVITY AND GREAT ROCK MUSIC!!
    merry Christmas everybody…THE WOOD

    • Hey Wood, always love it when YOU GO DEEP! And YEAH Ricky Nelson was probably the first of the new breed of record stars who were the progeny of celebrity moms and pops! And leave it to you to somehow include The Allman Bros. Ya know Woody, if you look up the term Die Hard Fan in Webster’s Dictionary there’s a picture of you right along side of a picture of The Allman Brother’s!…….Swear to Jesus! Or something like that!
      Thanx Woody for always bringing your greatness to SMS

      • thanx “Shoe”!! You know I have always been intrigued with guitar harmonies!! Gotta admit that Derek’s slide work and overall moods and modes seem to be the ultimate channeling of Duane Allman!! Just quick side bar here: when my roommate Ken brought home the “EAT A PEACH” album I HAD NO CLUE THAT DUANE HAD ALREADY PASSED!!
        Good Holidays my friend….the wood

  2. A few more…1) noel harrison, son of rex harrison..”a young girl” or something like that..2) etta james, daughter of minnesota fats, the pool hustler king.,”tell mama”..3) carla thomas..daughter of rufus “walkin’the dog” thomas, memphis legend..”gee whiz”..

    • Hey Mark,
      Etta James is the daughter of Minnesota Fats? Are you kidding? And that’s exactly the kind of answer we were looking for! Additionally, “A Young Girl” was one of our favorite records of the decade, THAT LAST LINE…” A young girl lying there by the road…. DEAD” Wow!
      We had no idea who Rex Harrison was, but we thought Noël was “Really Cool”
      Thanx Mark, for always bringing more than your fair share of “Great stuff” to the table!

      • Rick, Rex Harrison is a British actor best known as playing Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady opposite Julie Andrews on stage and Audrey Hepburn in the film.

        • Hey Steve,
          Thanx for the assist re: Rex Harrison, I was only 15 when “A Young Girl hit the charts, so Rex seemed to me to be from our parents genrtation! And I wanted none of that! BUT “A Young Girl” blew my young mind additionally in 1966 I was just learning about the amazing talent of Charles Aznavour, who wrote “A Young Girl” !
          Soooo with that said, let’s listen to my favorite record from 1966!

          • Give rex some respect! His “I Talk to the Animals” song from doctor dolittle flick won the oscar in ’67..he was huge!

    1)Gary lewis, jerry lewis son..gary lewis & the playboys..”shes just my style”, “this diamond ring” 2)peter lewis,loretta young son..moby grape..”hey grandma”, “omaha”..3) nancy sinatra..franks daughter..”these boots are made for walkin'”..”something stupid” .4) mike nesmith..mrs. nesmiths son, inventor of white-out correction fluid..”last train to clarksville” 5) hank williams jr..hank srs. son..”cajun baby”..dean martin jr. and desi arnaz jr. of dino, desi and billy..sons of dean sr., , desi sr., lucille ball..” thank god i cant remember one song by this supergroup, unless they did a psychedelic version of “baba lu”?

    • Hey Mark,
      First off…”NO GOOGLING THE WKI” We love that! With your kind permission we’d love to adopt it as our official slogan?
      Meanwhile, GREAT FREAKIN’ LIST! We had no clue about the Peter Lewis, Loretta Young, Moby Grape connection! WOW!
      Lastly, If Dino, Desi, and Billy had a sense of humor they should have covered “Baba Lu” But alas they didn’t
      However the title of their one and only hit was “I’m A Fool” Jeeze it was awful!
      Thanx Mark, always great when you weigh in!

    • Hey Mark, I hear what your saying about Rex, and thru the years I gained much respect for Rex and his work!
      However at the very young age of 15 in 1966 Rex was part of my parents generation and that made him as uncool as a “Grown up” could be!
      Catch my drift?
      Thanx for the added detail!
      P.S. Mark Chapman, one more thing about Noel’s “A Young Girl” There’s a line of lyric that shows up about midway thru the song…”He needed fresh new meat to carve” WHOA!

      • Your drift be caught, we are the same age, i understand rexie was old news. This is fun, thnxx for keeping this thing going, mc

        • Hey Mark,
          Great to hear you’re having as much fun with it as we are! By the way , did you get a chance to listen to “A Young Girl” I’m curious if you’re as big of fan as I am, when it comes to that record? Whaddya think?
          Meanwhile, stand by for our Trivia Question for this Tuesday, Christmas Day. It’s designed o be a Christmas 60’s Music Trivia Extravaganza! Hope you get a chance to see it!
          HAPPY HOLIDAY’S Mark L. Chapman

          • I havent heard it since it was on top 40 radio, didnt listen to the video yet..i was hardly a fan, i grouped noels record with rod mckuen sappy stuff, or that “everyones gone to the moon” thing..when i was 15 i’d just
            gotten my first electric gtr, was making shift from folkie/bluegrass guy to wired-up rock/blues/r&b guy with no time for wussy brits and mellow southern cal. poetry..i wonder if roman polansky and woody allen dug noel’s record?

  4. I just completed a list of 7 people. Felt really good about it but then I realized their hits weren’t in the ’60s. Damn! I’m exhausted.

    • Hey Denise…We believe you deserve to be the SMS Reader of the week! Just because “You gave it Hell!”

  5. Hey, Fred, Frank and Nancy sang Something Stupid. And Gary Lewis sang This Diamond Ring, co-written by Al Kooper.

  6. Terry Melcher (Doris Day)
    Rip Chords
    “Little Cobra”
    Nancy Sinatra (Frank Sinatra)
    No backup group
    “Something Stupid”
    Dino, Desi and Billy (that’s two – Dean Martin and Desi Arnaz)
    “I’m a Fool”
    Rosana Cash (Johnny Cash)
    Band (not sure?)
    “Seven Year Ache”

  7. 1 Carnie Wilson, daughter of Brian, member of Wilson Phillips, song Hold On ( could also add Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips – daughter of John and Michelle of Mamas and Papas)

    2 Dino Martin, son of Dean Martin, member of Dino Desi and Billy, so g I’m A Fool (could also add Desi Arnaz Jr.)

    3 Julian Lennon, son of John, solo artist, song title Too Late For Goodbyes

    4 Gunnar Nelson, son of Rick, band Nelson, song title More Than Ever (could add twin bro Matthew)

    • Hey Steve, just to be clear and All Apologies if we weren’t, The hit song titles we’re looking for had to be hit’s in the 1960’s!
      So sorry if we weren’t clear!

  8. Dino Martin (Dino, Desi, & Billy) Dean Marin
    Desi Arnez, Jr (see above) Desi Arnez
    Gary Lewis (and the Playboys) Jerry Lewis
    Nancy Sinatra Frank Sinatra
    No remembrance of their ‘hit’ records (thank goodness).

    • Hey Fred,
      Once again, You’re the first in and as usual nailed the core question! However, we think you’re going to hate yourself regarding the song titles, as awful as most of them were!
      “i’m A Fool”: Dino, Desi and Billy
      “This Diamond Ring”: Gary Lewis and the Playboys
      “these Boots were made for Walkin’ :Nancy Sinatra
      It’s all coming back now? In all their smarmyness?
      Thanx again ol’ “lightning Fingers”

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