The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week!

Yes, The holidays are over and it’s Trivia Tuesday for January 8th! And here’s our list of last weeks readers who weighed in and took their best shot at correctly answering last week’s question!  Which was: we gave you the names of 5 iconic songwriters, and you give us 5 of their songs recorded by The Beatles?

First in, like a rocket was Our own Rocket Man, Steven Winogradsky with the full and correct answers! Way to go Mr. W. Next in, like greased lightning we must add that Denise Shoemaker weighed in, gave it hell, but unfortunately missed the mark, but, she gets an “E” for effort, or sumthin’ like that! And Then! Larry in Munich dropped by, but couldn’t answer the question due to “a heavy fog” which we ain’t buyin, after all it was the morning after New Years Eve! “ a heavy fog”  Is that what they call it these days? Thank you Larry. Mark L. Chapman dropped in and Just barely missed it, but big thanks to Mark for the old college try!  Thanx Lady and Gents for making SMS your first stop the first day of the year!

But now, here is this weeks question:  It’s the first of the year and this weeks question is about Beatle FIRSTS! In thee parts,

1) What is the title of the first George Harrison song recorded by The Beatles?

2) What is the title of the first George Harrison song to be released as a Beatles “A” side  single?

3) What is the first Beatles album to include only songs written by Lennon / McCartney or Harrison?

Th Th Th Tha Tha That’s all folks! 

Have at it and as alway’s if you have any questions, go to our comments section, leave your question and we’ll answer it immediately!

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  1. Would have gottin’ back sooner on this but I had a little Hernia Surgery last week…OUCH!!
    But any way I while watching one of the last MAD MEN episodes John Hamm pulled a 33 1/3 album out of it’s sleeve — it was the ‘BEATLES” REVOLVER!! One of my super fav’s!!! he put on the last track and of course played “TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS”!! WOW..first time I heard this was in my ’58 Chevy!! But that album I believe was the first Beatle album which contained ONLY Beatle songs!!

    And from my collection I can conclude that Georges 1st song he authored was on the album “WITH THE BEATLES” and titled “DON’T BOTHER ME”.
    Lastly I’m pretty sure that the single release of a Harrison authored tune is “SOMETHING” [FLIP SIDE IS “COME TOGETHER”}
    see you soon….wood

    • Hey Woody,
      Pretty dang close, all good except “A Hard Day’s Night” was the first Beatle album to only include songs by Lennon and McCartney!
      On to the next question we just posted…

  2. First Harrison song was “Don’t Bother Me” , on Meet The Beatles

    First single was “The Inner Light” the B sude of “Lady Madonna”. First A side single was “Something”.

    First Beatle album with only originals was Hard Days Night, with all songs by John and Paul but none by George.

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