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Yes indeed, it’s Trivia Tuesday for January 15th! And firstly, here are the brilliant readers who got in early last Tuesday and nailed THAT question, which was all about “Beatle Firsts” specifically George Harrison! Only two of you showed up with an answer! With “Ole Faithful” Steven Winogradsky who was first in and as usual 100% correct  Yea!  Steve! Ron Wood also chimed In after rummaging around his record collection but didn’t quite nail it, but, “Gave it Hell” good  try Woody!

But now, here’s this weeks Trivia Question:  This week, it’s all about Original band names!

And here’s the set up: For example, we all know at least a couple of the names The Beatles tried out in their early years, i. e. The Nerk Twins, The Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs etc. you get the drift! This week we will give you the Original name of 7 classic acts from the 60’s and you tell us the name they still go by today, additionally we want the name of the principal or at least one band member’s name! Here are the 7 acts in question:

1) The Beefeaters ?

2) The Pendletones?

3) The Golliwogs ?

4)  The Ragamuffins ?

5) The Polka Tuck Blues Band ?

6) Screaming Abdabs ?

7) Rick and The Ravens ?

There’s your Lucky Seven!  Give us the name we know them by today and at least one band member?

SMS “Super Genius” status to any one who can name All the names of all the band members in all  7 bands!!! ( Therein lies one of thee most difficult SMS Challenges! )

Lastly, stand by for an announcement as SMS prepares to actually award a prize for the first reader in with the correct answer, beginning next week!

Meanwhile, have at it ( Prize free )


(Your Number One Place for the stuff you didn’t know, you didn’t care to know! )



  1. It was one I had to look up and it states the Danish band, the Beefeaters, were originally known as the Yeoman of the Guard?? Maybe it is not the same band you had in mind?

    • Hey Jules,
      Thanx for your patience, clearly there is a fair amount of confusion with regard to this weeks question, simply illustrated by the fact that YOU are the only reader who has even attempted to answer the quiz! Thank you very much!
      But just to be clear with regard to The Beefeaters and the other 6 bands, we want to know who they became, NOT who they were!
      Clear? Yeah, we know, “Clear as Mud”
      Thank you again Miz Julie

  2. Beefeaters were The Yeoman Of The Guard and Peter Thorup was a member
    Pendletones were The Beach Boys and consisted of: Brian, Dennis and Carl Wilson and their cousin Mike Love
    The Golliwogs were the Creedence Clearwater Revival with John Fogerty on guitar, Stu Cook played the piano, and Doug Clifford played the drums.
    Not a clue about who the Ragamuffins were
    The Polka Tuck Blues Band became Black Sabbath with Tony Iommi, bassist and main lyricist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward, and singer Ozzy Osbourne.
    Screaming Abdabs became Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett

    Rick and the Ravens became the Doors with Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, and Jim Morrison

    • Hey Jules,
      It’s a little to early in this weeks Trivia Quiz for us to comment on your answers, But! We’ve got one question, WHAT OR WHO THE HECK ARE “The Yeoman Of The Guard” ?
      Thanx in advance Jules!

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