The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week 2/8

Sixties music secrets photoYes! SMS is back in business and here with the all new Trivia question for Tuesday Feb. 8th! Brought to us by all the very cool folks at Omnivore Recordings!Your only real option for for the most awesome music in the known world and beyond! Right about here we usually acknowledge the brilliant readers who tackle our weekly trivia quiz, but since we “didn’t “go to press” last week, we’re “cutting straight to the chase”

Iit’s time for the all new SMS Trivia Question of the week! Take a look at this list of eight of our favorite classics from the 60’s, each of them share an important common fact, except one! We need you, to tell us which song doesn’t belong on this list and why? Furthermore, we need you to give us a title of your own choosing that would qualify to be included in this list! Plus! We need you to give the names of the “Great Eight” Artists who recorded and released these 60’s classics! Including your choice for the replacement song! But now! Here’s our  list:

1) “Both Sides Now”

2) “If You Could Read My Mind”

3) “Laugh Laugh”

4) “Mr. Soul”

5) “Puppy Love”

6) “Shakin’ All Over”

7) “Suzanne”

8) “The Weight”

In summary, here’s what we need:

1) After reviewing our list of eight Sixties Greats, Tell us the important fact, they all share ?

2) The truth is one of the songs does not include this fact! We need you to identify the song and explain why it doesn’t belong on this list ?

3) We need you to identify the eight artists who, respectively recorded and released these 8 60’s gems ?

4) Lastly, we need you to come up with a replacement title that would qualify for this list, including the artist who recorded and released it!

While your mind is wandering and you’re wondering if our featured image at the top of the post is a hint….The answer is YES! Now that your thoroughly confused, why not take a break and click on the link below and browse Omnivore Recordings unique and awesome catalog of the greatest music you didn’t know, you didn’t know!



Remember, you can play the weekly Trivia Quiz as often as you like, but can only win a Groovey Omnivore CD every 30 days…


  1. I think Laugh Laugh doesn’t fit, and I nominate Universal Soldier as a replacement, but not the Donovan version but the Buddy St. Marie version, although, I think I could argue that either would do;). Laugh Laugh was by the Beau Brummell from San Francisco. All the other artists…..

    • Hey Bill!
      Yes you nailed it! However I’m curious How can you argue that Donovan’s version would qualify?
      I don’t believe he’s Canadian…
      Can you ‘Splain?

  2. 1 all recorded by either Canadian acts or feature Canadians in the band
    2 wrong laugh laugh – Beau brummells
    3 joni Mitchell/ Gordon Lightfoot/ beau brummells / Buffalo Springfield/ Paul anka/ guess who/Leonard Cohen/ the band.
    4 blood sweat and tears spinning wheel

    • All Canadian artists except laugh Laugh.
      Joni Mitchell
      Gordon lightfoot
      Beau Brummels
      Buffalo Springfield
      Paul Anka
      Guess Who
      The Band
      Taking Care of Business BTO

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