The SMS Trivia Question Of The Week ?


 The ( semi ) Original Beach Boys !

The end of summer is cresting just over the horizon, but today is still Trivia Tuesday for August 28th. However, before we unveil this week’s question, we just gotta send a big SMS “Shout Out” to the Four loyal readers who weighed in with correct answers to last week’s question, which was; Name eight Beatle songs that include a man’s name in the title ? A few of the common titles included “Rocky Racoon”,  “Mr. Kite” “Dr. Robert” and  “Roll Over Beethoven ! And the four most excellent readers who nailed the answer and more include Steve,  ( don’t call me a Wino- gradsky) Who sighted 10 songs. Fred ( High Volume ) Vogel with a perfect 8….Ron ( no, I’m not in The Rolling Stones ) Wood. Who only got two titles, but he did it with such GREAT ATTITUDE ! Thanx Wood. And of course Jimmy ( Gimme some Lovin’ ) Gorman who came up with so many titles our head exploded and we spent the whole week cleaning up the office !

WAY TO GO GENTS ! And now it’s time for this week’s question, with a tip of our hat to Summer.

Here’s your Question ( it’s in two parts ) First,  give us the names of the 5 ORIGINAL Beach Boys ? And, second, give us the titles to 5 Beach Boys hits that include the word SURF in the title ?

No hints, unless you beg, and we love it when you do !





  1. If memory serves me well: the FIRST TIME I ever saw a Beach Boys record I was in the 6th grade or 7th but it was a 45 with a shot of all the guys standing and carrying a surf board. I think the photo (may?) have been shot in a studio!!?? But enough already! I guess I was 10 or 11 and I really liked the new “SURF WORLD” — it worked for me cause I was NO “GREASER!!!!”. HA HA! SO I KNRW we had the Wilson’s– Carl,Dennis ,and Brian and there was All Jardine and Mike Love!! Love was my Fav!!
    I remember ” Surfin’USA, Surfer Girl, Surfing Safari!! That’s all for now…SURFS UP, KNARLEY MAN, OUTSIDE GOFFY FOOT!! HA HA!!

    • Hey Wood,
      First, yes you correctly named the five original BB’s And you may not realize this but you named 4 outta 5 classic B.B. hits that include the word SURF in the title !
      But ! You provided us with the best line of all “I was NO GREASER “….Yeah Baby ! We loved that !
      Thanx Wood, you always bring a smile and cool insight to SMS

      • You got me remembering a few crazy “SURFER” tales from the good ol’H.S. days like when Jimmy and RickMiller made their own 400lb surfboards and while driving to Malibu Beach thru Malibu Canyon in Ricks Corvair with the brand new home madeboards tied to the roof they FLEW OFF AND LANDED ALL OVER THE ROAD!! WOW…ADVENTURE!!! HAHA!!!

  2. Fred got them all before I could have a go at it. Would have gotten the “surf” songs for sure.

    • Hey Denise…Yes, “Flash Fingers Freddy” swooped in with all the correct answers before the ink was dry on the page !
      He’s a slippery devil!

  3. The Wilson brothers (Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike Love, and Al Jardine.
    Surfin’ USA
    Surfer Girl
    Surfin’ Safari
    Surfer’s Rule

    • Hey Fred…First one in with a “perfect 5 !
      Way to go, AND, it was actually kind of a trick question, but you didn’t fall for it ! There has been a long debate about the TRUE original 5 Beach Boys, with some fans claiming The 3 Wilson Bros. Mike Love and……….David Marks ! But no, you nailed the answer correctly ! INCLUDING 5 classic Beach Boy titles that include the word “SURF”
      Way to go Fred!

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